EASEOFBIZ: The new quality partner and accredited reseller program from Datalogic

Bologna, 7th February 2006 - Datalogic, the largest European manufacturer and one of the leading worldwide of bar code readers, mobile computers and RFID systems has renewed its partner program for the Datalogic Quality Partner and Accredited Reseller network.

Datalogic's Quality Partner program was introduced back in 1996 making Datalogic a pioneer in the Automatic Data Capture industry. The Program has a ten year record of successful growth where transparency, consistency, continuous support and innovation have been keys to deliver value to Partners, and over the years 95% of Datalogic's sales have gone consistently through the channel.

During the Datalogic Worldwide Sales and Partner Conference, held in Florence, Italy on 1-3 February, with around 500 participants present from all corners of the world, Datalogic reaffirmed its commitment to the channel by supporting Partners with a winning business model. This means recognising the peculiarities and points of strength of our Partners and designing with them our journey to success. Datalogic announced that it has reviewed its channel program and the new changes include the introduction of a modular approach and the possibility to personalise the benefit package. In this way it possible for partners to design the benefit package that best fits their business model and better exploits their unique business proposition.

EASEOFBIZ is the name of the new channel program for the Datalogic Quality Partner & Accredited Reseller network and it is the framework that provides our Partners with the full benefit of our cooperation, and an extensive range of comprehensive benefits and support from Datalogic. These include five exclusive service packets: EASEOFRESOURCES that dedicates specialised Datalogic personnel to the Partners, EASEOFACCESS for a range of online tools, EASEOFWIN for marketing and sales support, EASEOFSUPPORT for technical support and EASEOFSKILLS for specialised training.

More information can be found at: http://easeofbiz.datalogic.com