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Bologna, 2nd May 2006 -  Datalogic is about to start its tour of Europe in what will be the biggest roadshow ever held with multiple locations in countries across the European continent. This roadshow will be the premier event in the ADC industry with a focus on advanced technology and innovations, applications and services in the mobile computer market.
This is the only roadshow that presents a holistic view of the latest solutions in the professional mobile market, ranging from RFID technology to voice recognition solutions, from GSM/GPRS voice and data communication to new in-store trends. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in ADC and find out about emerging business opportunities.

This intensive one-day seminar will be delivered by a panel of leading industry experts who will explore the strategic issues in the mobile computer market with a review of the key trends, opportunities and strategies that are stimulating growth in the market.

Through examples Datalogic will illustrate how other organisations have implemented its products in their companies, with reports from users on their experience with Datalogic's products, demonstrating how they are being used profitably in the field.

These events have proved in the past to be a valuable experience for all participants. As the only European automated data capture manufacturer with an extensive network of subsidiaries and partners, this event provides a unique opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with top management from Datalogic.

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