Venice Film Festival: the winner is a 2D reader

Bologna, September 24, 2007 - The curtain has fallen on the 64th Venice Film Festival. The Pool, the most glamorous spot on the Lido, was considered a great success. The access control system that was made for the event by the technological sponsor, Datalogic, confirmed this outcome. The system controlled accredited visitors, guaranteeing that the POOL area was the most exclusive during the course of the Film Festival, allowing only VIPs into the most elegant area of the Lido, such as accredited journalists, stars and celebrities.

The entrance to the most elegant spot on the Lido was located directly in front of the walkway to the Palazzo del Cinema. The reserved area could only be accessed by those who possessed special badges, which were only given to those accredited by the Film Festival. Each badge was specially created for the event by Datalogic - the leader in Europe and third worldwide in the automatic identification sector. The badge included a personal code containing information that identified the card's holder.

When journalists and VIPs presented their cards at the entrance to the POOL, the Datalogic J Series ™ - PDA manufactured by Datalogic - would read the information contained in the 2D code. Thanks to the solution created by Datalogic, the staff reading the cards would then receive a message on Datalogic J Series™ display confirming that the holder of the VIP card was accredited and permitted to enter and enjoy the benefits provided on the elite terrace area of the hotel.