lettore industriale 5MP 2D imager con messa a fuoco automatica

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Transform your transportation and logistics expertise

The AV900™ high-performance industrial imager is a highly capable and vastly superior camera for transport and logistics applications. It has a 9 MP CMOS area sensor, extending the capabilities of the already well-known range of stationary industrial scanners from Datalogic. It sets a high bar for 2D image-based readers on all conveyor sizes, airport baggage handling systems as well as static reading applications. In addition to its high resolution capabilities, you can choose from a set of lenses, pick the correct illumination, and set up either dynamic or adjustable focus to tweak performance to suit your needs. Extended capabilities bring extended possibilities. An even wider range of applications is at your fingertips. With the AV900 there are no limits.

See everything in high resolution

The AV900 is equipped with a massively powerful 9 MP CMOS sensor. It brings you 60% additional coverage compared to the widely used 5 MP cameras. Putting this into perspective for wide areas, you can achieve the same coverage from three AV900 cameras as five 5 MP cameras. Images are still captured in HD quality and can be saved in multiple formats for video recording and OCR. You can continue to track and sort your items based on barcode or capture the image data for quality control purposes.

Never compromise on performance

The AV900 is capable of continuously capturing very high-resolution images up to 32 frames per second. Just imagine using that on a very fast-moving conveyor, knowing that you won’t miss a single item running at speeds up to 2.5 m/s. There will never be a need to make multiple reading attempts. The wide field of view and combination of red or white illumination ensures that everything is captured, no matter the barcode quality. Datalogic’s patented PackTrack technology is instrumental in ensuring you achieve this. All of your data will be captured, even with your conveyor loaded at maximum capacity. Precise, error-proof, object sorting in real-time.

Perform continuously in tough environments

The AV900 is used throughout the world in enabling data capture, tracking, and sorting. On critical applications such as airport baggage handling (BHS) there is a strict requirement for first attempt reads, even when luggages have low quality or partially damaged labels. The industrial housing is IP65 rated and operates effortlessly at temperatures from 0° C to up to a high of 50° C. Combined with three available focus modes, the AV900 achieves something that no other camera on the market is currently capable of. The level of connectivity extends to TCP/IP and industrial Ethernet: the AV900 is a device you can confidently install and use in almost any environment

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