Eighth positive quarter in a row for Datalogic

Sales revenues of over Euro 44 million in the fourth quarter of 2004 (+21% compared to the same period of the previous year), +9,3% on the basis of the same consolidation structure. Sales revenues of Euro 146.6 million as of 31st December 2004 (+12,7% vs YOY)

Bologna, 4th February 2005
- Datalogic S.p.A., a TechStar-listed company that designs, manufactures and distributes bar code readers and RFID systems, earned consolidated revenues of  € 146.6 million in 2004.

The group's consolidation structure has changed with respect to last year and now includes Laservall, a recent acquisition that has been consolidated since the third quarter of 2004. Net of Laservall, Datalogic's revenues grew of over 6% compared with the same period last year. Sales revenues in the fourth quarter of 2004 equal to € 44 million (+21% vs 4Q03). Even after adjusting for the new structure of consolidation, revenues for the fourth quarter of 2004 were up with respect to 4Q03, for what is now the eighth growth quarter in a row.Sales were especially significant in Italy (+14% vs YoY), UK (+13%) and Iberian Peninsula (+10%). The Automation division was especially strong this quarter, with revenues of € 12,8 million (+11% on 4Q03).

"The results of the financial year which has just concluded," states Roberto Tunioli, Datalogic CEO, "highlight an ongoing expansion of the company, maintaining even this year a level of profitability that is expected to be in double digit growth, compared to the previous financial year."