Matrix 210N™, Unattended Scanning Systems

Matrix 210N™

Matrix 210N™

Ultra-compact industrial 2D imager for Electronic, Automotive, Pharma and Food&Beverage applications


Outstanding decoding capability on DPM and labeled 1D & 2D standard codes

Ultra-fast image acquisition for high speed production lines

Integrated Ethernet, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, interfaces

X-PRESS™ for easy and intuitive setup

Industrial Protection: ESD-safe, YAG, IP65

Straight and right angle models for smart mounting


Datalogic’s Matrix 210N™ offers extreme reading performance and integrated Ethernet, Ethernet/IP and PROFINET in an ultra-compact housing.
With a WVGA image sensor able to capture up to 60 frames per second, and a flexible and powerful illuminator, the Matrix 210™ offers best-in-class direct part marked bar code reading capabilities. The unrivaled decoding libraries running on the high speed hardware platform deliver superior reading performance and impressive decoding rates, supporting high system throughput which delivers overall production efficiency.
Both read data and captured images are transferred using the on-board Ethernet ports. The captured images can be either saved internally or easily and quickly uploaded to external PCs for storage or offline analysis.
Compact dimensions with straight or right angle optical options and electronic variable focus option, provides superb contact reading capability and a simple mechanical integration into tight spaces.

Installation and maintenance are extremely easy with the X-PRESS™ Interface. X-PRESS features a five LED bar graph with a multifunction key for immediate access to functions such as Aiming, Setup, Automatic Learning, and Test Mode. The Green Spot - projected onto the scanned object – provides easy and real-time feedback of the reading status without any additional software or accessories.

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Downloads for Matrix 210N™

Matrix 210N Datasheet
24/03/2016 - DS-MATRIX210N-ENA4
(.pdf, 1259444 byte)
24/03/2016 - DS-MATRIX210N-ENUS
(.pdf, 1257753 byte)
24/03/2016 - DS-MATRIX210N-DE
(.pdf, 1266659 byte)
13/10/2017 - DS-Matrix210N-ZH
(., 0 byte)
Matrix 210N Reference Manuals
03/05/2017 - Matrix_210N_Reference_Manual
(.pdf, 11707430 byte)
Matrix N Family Host Mode Programming
19/10/2016 - Matrix N Family Host Mode Programming
(.pdf, 1560232 byte)
Healthcare Industry Guide
25/05/2017 - IG-Healthcare-ENA4
(.pdf, 1632622 byte)
18/07/2017 - IG-Healthcare-ZH
(.pdf, 1965732 byte)
18/07/2017 - IG-Healthcare-KR
(.pdf, 1957142 byte)
Manufacturing Industry Guide
25/05/2017 - IG-Manufacturing-ENA4
(.pdf, 1765471 byte)
14/07/2017 - IG-Manufacturing-IT
(.pdf, 1730310 byte)
18/07/2017 - IG-Manufacturing-ZH
(.pdf, 1889396 byte)
18/07/2017 - IG-Manufacturing-KR
(.pdf, 1879140 byte)
Transportation & Logistics Industry Guide
25/05/2017 - IG-TandL-ENA4
(.pdf, 2345116 byte)
18/07/2017 - IG-TandL-KR
(.pdf, 2596254 byte)
18/07/2017 - IG-TandL-ZH
(.pdf, 2612055 byte)
Identification Product Guide
31/03/2016 - PG-Identification-ENUS
(.pdf, 1300295 byte)
31/03/2016 - PG-Identification-ENA4
(.pdf, 1316063 byte)
31/03/2016 - PG-Identification-DE
(.pdf, 1315089 byte)
14/09/2015 - PG_Identification_FR
(.pdf, 824020 byte)
- PG-Identification-IT
(.pdf, 1494633 byte)
- PG-Identification-ZH
(.pdf, 1820595 byte)
Reference Guide Identification - Manufacturing
01/04/2014 - RG_ID_Manufacturing-ENA4
(.pdf, 4829514 byte)
09/11/2016 - RG_ID_Manufacturing-ENUS
(.pdf, 4565883 byte)
DL.CODE Configuration Tool
19/05/2017 - dl.code_minidvd_1.4.2_full_version
(.zip, 436059870 byte)
07/07/2017 - dl.code_1.4.3
(.zip, 201616734 byte)
25/11/2016 - GSDML-V2.1-Datalogic-Matrix-PNIO-20140430
(.zip, 22615 byte)
Profibus Connectivity GSD file
11/02/2015 - BM300 QLM600 Matrix N GSD file Rel 1.0.0
(.zip, 13422 byte)
QLM500 EDS File
17/05/2013 - QLM500 ETHERNET IP 2-port EDS file
(.zip, 1986 byte)
QLM700 GSD file
17/05/2013 - QLM700 PROFINET IO 2-port GSDML file
(.zip, 2956 byte)
Matrix 210 Drawings
29/05/2013 - M210 Mounting Bracket LT-700 0deg 3D IGS
(.zip, 122363 byte)
29/05/2013 - M210 Mounting Bracket 0deg 3D IGS
(.zip, 26619 byte)
29/05/2013 - Matrix 210 3D IGS
(.zip, 932365 byte)
29/05/2013 - Matrix 210 90deg 3D IGS
(.zip, 837554 byte)
29/05/2013 - M210 Mounting Bracket 90deg 3D IGS
(.zip, 27618 byte)
31/05/2013 - M210 Mounting Bracket LT-700 90deg 3D IGS
(.zip, 119653 byte)
20/01/2014 - Matrix 210 LQL 3D IGS
(.zip, 820496 byte)
25/08/2016 - M210 Mounting Bracket 0deg 3D STP
(.zip, 10556 byte)
25/08/2016 - M210 Mounting Bracket 90deg 3D STP
(.zip, 10365 byte)
25/08/2016 - Matrix 210 3D STP
(.zip, 829706 byte)
25/08/2016 - Matrix 210 90deg 3D STP
(.zip, 1110065 byte)
25/08/2016 - Matrix 210 LQL 3D STP
(.zip, 581860 byte)
CE461_0 - MATRIX 210N
01/01/2017 - CE461_0 - MATRIX 210N
(.pdf, 0 byte)

Customer Service

Datalogic’s Customer Services Organization offers a wide and complete range of post-sales services (EASEOFCARE Agreements).  It is organized in three levels of support, in order to guarantee the most appropriate professional assistance based on the specific problem.

Datalogic’s Customer Service can deploy in the territory a team of multi-lingual professionals, with a broad technical expertise across the whole product range.

Our standard service portfolio includes : warranty extension,  fast turnaround time for  repairs, 24/7 /365 phone support, guaranteed availability of spare parts and next day on site intervention. We can tailor our service offering to your specific needs.  Our experts will support every stage of your projects, from feasibility study to extended post-sales support, performing, when necessary, root cause analysis and remediation.

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