XRF410N™, Unattended Scanning Systems



Out-of-the-box 2D imager solution for material handling and sortation in the logistics industry


The XRF410N™ is a fully functional, Matrix solution that is pre-assembled and configured at the factory, resulting in easy, fast installation on-site.

XRF410N™ runs the most updated Datalogic decoding engine, fully capable of successfully scan hard-to-read, damaged or poor quality codes

The CBX500 connection box can be optionally equipped with a display and a memory block for automatic reader replacement in case of failure. The patented Green Spot indicates a good read for easy validation.

No technical analysis is required. Just code dimension, conveyor width and speed are necessary to determine the correct version of XRF410N™...and it is just a single part number!

Through the patent pending PackTrack 2D, XRF410N is perfect for high speed sortation with short intra-cell gaps (as with cross-belt, split-trays)

XRF410N™ is equipped with the new DL.CODE software, providing even more ease of use through live image display, graphical configurations, embedded reading statistics and diagnostics


The XRF410N™, named for its extended Reading Field, is a solution based on the new Matrix 410N™ platform for material handling and
sortation in the logistics industry.
XRF410N™ is designed and built for a broad variety of material handling applications with transportation speeds up to 2.2 m/s (433 fpm) for
medium sized objects, with typical scanning depths of 400 mm (15.7 in.).
The XRF410N™ is the perfect solution for e-commerce small object automated order fulfilment systems or postal logistics flats sortation applications.

Videos and Images

Downloads for XRF410N™

Power Supply Manuals
29/04/2016 - PWR-480B_Installation_Manual_DE
Rev 1215 (.pdf, 1009204 byte)
30/06/2017 - PWR-480B_Installation_Manual_EN
Rev 0617 (.pdf, 2527977 byte)
XRF410N Reference Manuals
15/04/2017 - APN_XRf410N_Installation
(.pdf, 859614 byte)
Manufacturing Industry Guide
25/05/2017 - IG-Manufacturing-ENA4
(.pdf, 1765471 byte)
14/07/2017 - IG-Manufacturing-IT
(.pdf, 1730310 byte)
18/07/2017 - IG-Manufacturing-ZH
(.pdf, 1889396 byte)
18/07/2017 - IG-Manufacturing-KR
(.pdf, 1879140 byte)
Retail Industry Guide
25/05/2017 - IG-Retail-ENA4
(.pdf, 2470437 byte)
18/07/2017 - IG-Retail-ZH
(.pdf, 2675226 byte)
18/07/2017 - IG-Retail-KR
(.pdf, 2653153 byte)
03/08/2017 - IG-Retail-IT
(.pdf, 2510818 byte)
Transportation & Logistics Industry Guide
25/05/2017 - IG-TandL-ENA4
(.pdf, 2345116 byte)
18/07/2017 - IG-TandL-KR
(.pdf, 2596254 byte)
18/07/2017 - IG-TandL-ZH
(.pdf, 2612055 byte)
Identification Product Guide
31/03/2016 - PG-Identification-ENUS
(.pdf, 1300295 byte)
31/03/2016 - PG-Identification-ENA4
(.pdf, 1316063 byte)
31/03/2016 - PG-Identification-DE
(.pdf, 1315089 byte)
14/09/2015 - PG_Identification_FR
(.pdf, 824020 byte)
- PG-Identification-IT
(.pdf, 1494633 byte)
- PG-Identification-ZH
(.pdf, 1820595 byte)
XRF410N™ Leaflet
13/03/2015 - LF-XRF410N-ENA4
(.pdf, 1556681 byte)
13/03/2015 - LF-XRF410N-ENUS
(.pdf, 1336560 byte)
08/04/2015 - LF-XRF410N-DE
(.pdf, 1581742 byte)
14/09/2015 - LF-XRF410N-FR
(.pdf, 5325844 byte)
DL-CODE leaflet
18/02/2015 - LF-DL_CODE-ENA4
(.pdf, 1477087 byte)
18/02/2015 - LF-DL_CODE-ENUS
(.pdf, 1284678 byte)
04/03/2015 - LF-DL_CODE-DE
(.pdf, 1476894 byte)
Reference Guide Identification - Manufacturing
01/04/2014 - RG_ID_Manufacturing-ENA4
(.pdf, 4829514 byte)
09/11/2016 - RG_ID_Manufacturing-ENUS
(.pdf, 4565883 byte)
DL.CODE Configuration Tool
19/05/2017 - dl.code_minidvd_1.4.2_full_version
(.zip, 436059870 byte)
07/07/2017 - dl.code_1.4.3
(.zip, 201616734 byte)
Profibus Connectivity GSD file
11/02/2015 - BM300 QLM600 Matrix N GSD file Rel 1.0.0
(.zip, 13422 byte)
XRF410N Drawings
25/03/2015 - XRF410N B0x (stp)
(.zip, 7396783 byte)
25/03/2015 - XRF410N B0x (igs)
(.zip, 12849891 byte)
25/03/2015 - XRF410N H2x (stp)
(.zip, 7285389 byte)
25/03/2015 - XRF410N H2x (igs)
(.zip, 12707881 byte)
22/04/2016 - XRF410N B1x (stp)
(.zip, 7416915 byte)
22/04/2016 - XRF410N B1x (igs)
(.zip, 13046366 byte)
PWR-480B Drawings
29/06/2015 - PWR480B (igs)
(.zip, 3551740 byte)
29/06/2015 - PWR480B (stp)
(.zip, 651008 byte)
CE478_0 - XRF410N
01/01/2017 - CE478_0 - XRF410N
(.pdf, 0 byte)

Customer Service

Datalogic’s Customer Services Organization offers a wide and complete range of post-sales services (EASEOFCARE Agreements).  It is organized in three levels of support, in order to guarantee the most appropriate professional assistance based on the specific problem.

Datalogic’s Customer Service can deploy in the territory a team of multi-lingual professionals, with a broad technical expertise across the whole product range.

Our standard service portfolio includes : warranty extension,  fast turnaround time for  repairs, 24/7 /365 phone support, guaranteed availability of spare parts and next day on site intervention. We can tailor our service offering to your specific needs.  Our experts will support every stage of your projects, from feasibility study to extended post-sales support, performing, when necessary, root cause analysis and remediation.

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