Matrix 220™, Stationary Industrial Scanners

Matrix 220™

Matrix 220™

The Matrix 220™ imager is the most compact image-based bar code reader capable of providing top performance with the highest flexibility.


The new multicore image processing platform is excellent for high speed applications and capable of reading up to 2 mil code resolution

Ultra-compact dimensions and rotating connector for easy integration and installation in tight spaces

Designed for superior performance with a 1.2 MP high resolution sensor; capable of reading 2 mils resolution bar codes

New all-in-one DPM illuminator: polarizing filter and diffused illuminator on one model used for many applications with strong DPM reading performance

Cost-effective communication options with a Power over Ethernet (POE) option, on-board PROFINET-IO, ETHERNET/IP industrial fieldbus and ID-NET™ multi-reader for clustering/networking

The DL.CODE™ configuration software has been improved with the Automatic Setup mode for quick and easy code reading; Web Remote Monitoring will visualize the Matrix run-time environment and allows the job configuration change

Multicore imager platform and Hardware Acceleration speeds up algorithms and improves decoding capabilities; Electronic focus remote control on all models for the highest reading flexibility

Extreme industrial grade IP65 and IP67 ratings for harsh environments; -10 to 50 ºC / 14 to 122 ºF operating temperatures; Sulphur gas resistant

ESD and Anti-YAG protection as front cover accessories for extreme flexibility and optimized stock management; Xpress, Green Spot technology and intuitive HMI for the best ease of use


The Matrix 220 imager is designed for superior performance with a 1.2 MP high resolution sensor and a new image multicore processing platform.

The Matrix 220 offers innovative integrated and flexible lighting solutions resulting in optimal illumination on any type of surface and perfect for reading bar codes marked with DPM (Direct Part Marking).

With its outstanding performance, the Matrix 220 imager delivers a high performance/price ratio offering in the Datalogic portfolio.

Models & Accessories

    CAB-DS01-S M12-IP67 TO CBX 1M
    CAB-DS03-S M12-IP67 TO CBX 3M
    CAB-DS05-S M12-IP67 TO CBX 5M
    CAB-ETH-X-M01 M12-IP67 GETH-X CAB 1M
    CAB-ETH-X-M03 M12-IP67 GETH-X CAB 3M
    MATRIX 220 352-010 1.2MP STD-W 7MM
    MATRIX 220 352-040 1.2MP STD-W 7MM POE
    MATRIX 220 355-010 1.2MP STD-W 12MM
    MATRIX 220 355-040 1.2MP STD-W 12MM POE
    MATRIX 220 382-010 1.2MP DPM-R 7MM
    MATRIX 220 382-040 1.2MP DPM-R 7MM POE
    MATRIX 220 385-010 1.2MP DPM-R 12MM
    MATRIX 220 385-040 1.2MP DPM-R 12MM POE
    ESD Safe Window Cover M220
    ESD Safe  YAG Cut Filter Win Cover M220
    YAG Cut Filter Window Cover M220

Videos and Images

Downloads for Matrix 220™

Matrix 220™ Data Sheet
26/10/2018 - Matrix 220 Data Sheet ~ English A4
DS-Matrix220-ENA4 (.pdf, 0,88 Mb)
06/12/2018 - Matrix 220 Data Sheet ~ Russian
DS-MATRIX220-RU Rev B (.pdf, 1,04 Mb)
Matrix 220 Product Reference Guide
21/11/2018 - matrix_220_product_reference_guide_eng
Rev A (.pdf, 25,79 Mb)
Matrix 220 Quick Reference Guide
22/11/2018 - matrix_220_quick_reference_guide_eng
Rev B (.pdf, 0,51 Mb)
22/11/2018 - matrix_220_quick_reference_guide_zho
Rev B (.pdf, 0,63 Mb)
Matrix 220 Drawings
22/11/2018 - Matrix 220 STD (Iges Step PDF)
(.zip, 4,63 Mb)
22/11/2018 - Matrix 220 STD 90 (Iges Step PDF)
(.zip, 4,66 Mb)
22/11/2018 - Matrix 220 ESD (Iges Step PDF)
(.zip, 5,04 Mb)
22/11/2018 - Matrix 220 ESD 90 (Iges Step PDF)
(.zip, 5,05 Mb)
22/11/2018 - Matrix 220 Bracket (Iges Step PDF)
(.zip, 0,3 Mb)
Identification Product Guide
31/03/2016 - Identification Product Guide ~ English A4
PG-Identification-ENA4 (.pdf, 1,26 Mb)
31/03/2016 - Identification Product Guide ~ German
PG-Identification-DE (.pdf, 1,25 Mb)
- Identification Product Guide ~ Italian
PG-Identification-IT (.pdf, 1,43 Mb)
- Identification Product Guide ~ Chinese
PG-Identification-ZH (.pdf, 1,74 Mb)
30/11/2017 - Identification Product Guide ~ Russian
PG-Identification-RU (.pdf, 1,32 Mb)
New Products Brochure 2018 ~ Lo Res
29/11/2018 - New Products Brochure 2018 ~ English
(.pdf, 1,59 Mb)

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