PowerScan PBT9500-E, Hand Held Scanners

PowerScan PBT9500-E

PowerScan PBT9500-E

The PowerScan PBT9500-E imager is equipped with the most advanced optics from Datalogic including a ‘liquid lens’ which allows the imager to adapt the focus at different distances


Snappy omnidirectional reading from contact to over 1.0 m / 3.3 ft

User replaceable Lithium-Ion battery

Bluetooth® 3.0 Compliant; Class 1 configurable software

Built-in multiple interface RS-232, Keyboard Wedge, USB and Standard and Industrial Ethernet

High-performance Liquid Lens increases the depth-of-field for reading wide and high density codes

Datalogic's 3GL™ (3 Green Lights) technology and loud beeper for good-read feedback


The PowerScan 9500-E family of imagers is targeted to be the most suitable solution for all applications in Warehouses, Transportation & Logistics and Postal activities.  The omnidirectional reading capability combined with the snappiness and depth-of-field features allow the PowerScan 9500-E imagers to be faster and therefore, a preferred solution over standard laser scanners. 

The PowerScan PBT9500-E imager is equipped with the most advanced optics from Datalogic, including a ‘liquid lens’ which allows the imager to adapt the focus at different distances. The result is a versatile optic that is able to satisfy any scanning need with a single scanner.

A new aiming system consists of a central cross and four dots in the corners.  This will clearly identify the captured area and allows intuitive and fast scanning. 

As always, the rugged mechanics of the PowerScan brand guarantees reliable, long term operations.

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Hand Held Scanners Product Guide
26/07/2018 - Product Guide for Hand Held Scanners ~ English A4
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17/08/2018 - Product Guide for Hand Held Scanners ~ Chinese
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28/09/2018 - Product Guide for Hand Held Scanners ~ Traditional Chinese
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EASEOFCARE Service Programs
16/05/2017 - Service Guide ~ English A4
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18/07/2017 - Service Guide ~ Korean
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18/07/2017 - Service Guide ~ Chinese
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01/11/2017 - Service Guide ~ Spanish
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09/08/2017 - Service Guide ~ Polish
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30/10/2017 - Service Guide ~ Russian
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Customer Service Organization
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Customer Service

Datalogic Customer Care

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Customer Services will ensure a lean and consistent response path to each request. Our empowered and talented specialists will engage with the customer and commit to drive each case to complete resolution. 

Datalogic’s Customer Services Organization offers a wide and complete range of post-sales services (EASEOFCARE Agreements).  It is organized in three levels of support, in order to guarantee the most appropriate professional assistance based on the specific problem.

Datalogic’s Customer Service can deploy in the territory a team of multi-lingual professionals, with a broad technical expertise across the whole product range.

Our standard service portfolio includes: warranty extension, fast turnaround time for repairs, 24/7/365 phone support, guaranteed availability of spare parts and next day on site intervention. We can tailor our service offering to your specific needs.  Our experts will support every stage of your projects, from feasibility study to extended post-sales support, performing, when necessary, root cause analysis and remediation.

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