Datalogic confirms its leadership in Self-Shopping application for the retail world thanks to the partnership with Coop Centro Italia for the supply of Shopevolution 6.0 technology and Joya A pods

Bologna, September 13, 2012 – Datalogic S.p.A. (Borsa Italiana S.p.A.: DAL), a global leader in Automatic Identification and total solutions provider of bar code readers, data collection mobile computers, RFID and vision systems, has, through its Datalogic ADC division, reached a partnership agreement with Coop Centro Italia for the provision of a self-shopping system to the Ipercoop at the Collestrada shopping centre in Perugia, which has been a landmark for commerce in Umbria for several years.

Following the recently initiated collaborations with Conad Adriatico and Bennet, Datalogic has confirmed its place as a sector leader, supplying Coop Centro Italia with the Shopevolution™ 6.0 self-scanning service together with the provision of almost 200 Joya™ A pods, a revolutionary device that allows a special dialogue between customer and retailer.

Elegant and with an exclusive design, the Joya A device is the instrument preferred by Shopevolution, used by the customer to carry out the shopping process. This is also facilitated by the exclusive “Green Spot”, a visual indicator of a successful barcode scan patented by Datalogic that gives immediate feedback by projecting a green spot directly onto the barcode as soon as it is read. The customer can then put their purchased products straight in the bag and pay in record time.

Furthermore, thanks to the collaboration with NCR, Datalogic has introduced the STS solution to display information, such as advertising messages and pricing, and for the use of promotion mechanisms through channels within the point of sale. It is a true unification of subsystems (self-checkout, self-scanning and self-service and assisted weighing), with the objective of reducing maintenance costs.

Thanks to Shopevolution and Joya A, and to Datalogic’s own experience and knowledge developed in over more than ten years of work in the field of self-scanning, the company has once again succeeded in attaining the goal of innovation, bringing advantages to everyone from retailer to consumer.

Thus Datalogic continues to confirm its success in the self-scanning market with Shopevolution technology, and its established leadership with more than 400 point of sale installations across Italy (Coop, Conad, Auchan, Esselunga, Finiper, E.Leclerc Conad, Iperal, Famila, Bennet, Tigros), France (Casino Group, ATAC and Carrefour), Belgium (Delhaize Group), Sweden (Coop Sweden) and the United States.

Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Datalogic Group, commented: “We are very pleased with the agreement reached with Coop Centro Italia, a partnership that provides further confirmation of our leadership in the self-shopping sector. The secret of this success lies in having won the trust of consumers, retailers and our partners. Shoppers today are increasingly engaged and aware of these technological solutions that can make life easier and more fun, too. Joya A does all of this. Thanks to the pod from Datalogic, payment is very fast, waiting times at tills are reduced by up to 80% and shopping can go straight from trolley to car. Furthermore, customers can constantly view their total and the list of scanned products onscreen, giving them even more control over the shopping process. All retailers have to do is take advantage of these opportunities, essential today to ensure customer loyalty and to facilitate work within points of sale.”