Growing together

In recent years our company has made amazing leaps forward and we are now proudly one of the world leaders in the Automatic Identification.
We owe all this to our strategy and vision for organic growth and acquisitions which was defined in the early 90's and then pursued with passion and determination. Now, more than ever, we can say that we have redesigned our geography in our reference market.
Success isn't new to us though. For more than 40 years we have been competing with major companies in the market on all five continents, reaching - and often surpassing - them in terms of product quality and service. This has all been accomplished by maintaining our unique identity and combining the speed and flexibility of our small business genetics with the best qualities of a management team with international experience.

We were the first in our field to develop a network of Partners, with whom we have been sharing our increasing success.

Our leadership demands that Datalogic plays a different role, one that will set it as a role model for other players in the market.
Together with Datalogic it will be possible to open new roads and new ways of doing business, creating a model which fosters both organic and external growth and which considers M&A not as an extraordinary activity but more as business as usual, to ensure strong and sustainable growth.

Throughout the years we have proved to be able to integrate other companies, cultures and competencies. This has, and always will be, the key to our success: the ability to be open and to welcome new members to the Group.
Bringing together talent and sharing our dreams allows us to achieve much more together than we ever could alone.


Over the years Datalogic has established a very strong presence. This is due to various acquisitions that have consolidated its presence around the world, also enabling it to control large strategic accounts within the United States; a market renowned for its excellent potential not only in terms of technology, but also for its strong clients. 

Escort Memory Systems (1988) - (CA, U.S.A.) - RFID
IDWare (1997) - (TV, Italy) - mobile computers
Minec AB (2002) - Sweden - mobile computers
Laservall (2004) - (AO, Italy) - laser marking systems
Informatics (2005) - (TX, U.S.A.) - online sale of Auto ID products
PSC (2005) - (OR, U.S.A.) - fixed scanners for retail market, manual readers, mobile computers
Datasensor (2008) - (BO, Italy) - photoelectric devices for detection, safety, measurement and inspection
Evolution Robotics Retail (2010) – (CA, U.S.A.) – vision systems based on visual pattern recognition technology
PPT Vision (2011) – (MN, U.S.A.) – machine vision systems
Accu-Sort Systems (2012) – (PA, U.S.A.) - Automatic Identification (Auto-ID) systems
Soredi Touch Systems GmbH (2017) – (Munich, Germany) - the global technology leader for industrial computers and forklift terminals
M.D. Micro Detectors S.p.A (2021)(Modena, Italy) - operating in the design, production and sale of industrial sensors
Pekat S.r.o. (2022)(Brno, Czech Republic) - machine learning and deep learning for applications in the supply chain and industrial automation areas


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Datalogic Scheduled Maintenance, Jul 21st, 1.45 AM / 2.00 AM (CET)


Datalogic wants to make you aware that on Jul 21st, 1.45 AM / 2.00 AM (CET), there will be scheduled down time for approximately 15 minutes.
We will be using this time to add more capacity to our infrastructure and speed up our overall service.
During this maintenance window, our Corporate Website (, Partner Portal (Extranet) and all the related services will be inaccessible.
All system functionalities will resume immediately after the maintenance window.
We appreciate your patience and understanding.