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Following an exceptional year for the planet, Datalogic has now issued the fourth edition of its Non-Financial Statement, thus marking an important stage in the now well-consolidated process of analysis, social inclusion and reporting, whereby our organisation undertakes to objectively and transparently report and disclose its current sustainability status.

This tool is therefore intended to convey the social role and the environmental commitment that have always inspired our work, through a narrative pathway geared towards pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Innovation and technological resilience (SDG 9) are priority topics for our organisation, as we are committed to tirelessly researching innovative solutions in order to offer safe and cutting-edge products that will have positive impacts on communities and the environment.

During a year in which the pandemic brought the entire planet to its knees, our Group managed to guarantee compliance with the most stringent personal health and safety standards for all of its workers and suppliers, at all of its production sites around the world, thus ensuring the continuity of its operational activities and the economic sustainability of the business as a whole (SDG 3). Datalogic also distinguished itself by developing tools and mobile devices with antimicrobial surfaces designed to repel germs and bacteria. This is particularly important for mobile devices used in the healthcare sector, in different rooms, and by different operators, like nurses and doctors, and in contexts where hygiene is not an option, but rather an absolute necessity.

Within the context of the initiatives launched to support the national health service in local territories and communities in the effort of caring for patients infected by Covid-19, Datalogic donated a considerable number of barcode readers and mobile computers with the characteristics described above to the Sant'Orsola-Malpighi Hospital in Bologna, as well as to various hospitals throughout the Lombardy region and other parts of Northern Italy.

Inspired by the values of equality and empowerment (SDG 5), our organisation considers its people as its most important asset for ensuring innovation and development. For this reason, initiatives aimed at protecting diversity and empowering the human resources throughout our organisation and production chain are once again among the priority topics this year.

Datalogic is committed to providing growth and training programs (SDG 4), in order to promote and guarantee quality, equitable, and inclusive education opportunities for everyone.

This year Datalogic was also once again on the front lines in the fight to protect the environment against climate change, collaborating with its stakeholders on innovative projects and concrete initiatives (SDG 13). In this regard, we are proud to announce that, in 2020, our Group was among the awardees of the CONAI tender for Packaging Ecodesign, thanks to the innovative work carried out on the Magellan 3200 packaging.

Over the years, our organisation has collaborated with its stakeholders on the issue of sustainable development (SDG 17), and in 2020 it reaffirmed its commitment to environmental, social and governance issues throughout the entire value chain by engaging with its suppliers and customers on initiatives and programs aimed at continuously improving their sustainability performance.

Within this context, Datalogic’s Non-Financial Statement serves as an extremely powerful tool for of transparency and shared reporting.

The reporting areas’ various phases of development were accompanied by a well-structured process of Stakeholder engagement, for the purpose of sharing the “material” topics and relative indicators, and jointly analysing Datalogic’s contribution to pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, which thus represent the cornerstones of our report.

In accordance with the value of transparency declared to the Stakeholder ecosystem, this process guaranteed the utmost inclusion of all the various entities falling within Datalogic’s sphere of influence.


Valentina Volta
Group CEO


(Legislative Decree 254/2016 implementing EU Directive 2014/95)

Through the DNF, Datalogic undertakes to objectively and transparently report and disclose its current sustainability status.

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Thanks to the Human Rights & Social Accountability Policy, Datalogic expresses its commitment to comply with international standards on human rights and social responsibility.

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The Environmental, Health & Safety Policy expresses the directive of the Top Management with respect to environmental protection and to the development of the business in an ecological and sustainable way.

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