Dear readers,

I am pleased to present to you, in its third edition, Datalogic’s Consolidated Non-Financial Statement. This document gives us an opportunity to report our endeavours in the field of sustainability, carried out during 2019. Furthermore, we would like to confirm that last year the Group showed a strong commitment working on the following topics: customer needs, innovation, people, suppliers and the environment.

The development of innovative technologies - to satisfy our customers' needs - remains the basis of what makes us leaders of our industry. We believe in continuously monitoring their needs and their level of satisfaction, by following the strategy we adopted in 2019: being Customer-centred. In fact, as in previous years, our Group organisation focuses on customers operating in the following 4 sectors: Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, and Healthcare.

Datalogic always places its focus on the functioning of its Group’s corporate governance system. We constantly monitor compliance with national and international best practices in corporate governance. Risk management contributes to the effectiveness, profitability and compliance of all processes, thus fostering informed decisions, the proper functioning of the corporate processes, the reliability of the information provided to the corporate bodies and the market, compliance with the laws and regulations, and the ongoing pursuit of sustainability.

Our main objective is fulfilling our customers' expectations and needs. We are always driven to improve customer experience, making us work more efficiently and effectively.

For us, it is essential to build a network of academic and industrial partners who share our Open Innovation path aimed at generating ideas, developing innovative solutions and transferring them to products. Besides receiving recognition for being an innovative Group, Datalogic has been collaborating with academic, industrial partners and research institutes all over the world.

We are particularly proud of our multi-ethnic R&D teams. These are made up of people showing daily commitment to creating innovative solutions that simplify complex tasks and make our customers' processes fast and error free. Our growth is primarily fuelled by these resources focussed on research and development.

In order to satisfy our customers with highly innovative products and solutions and keep up with the latest technological trends, one of our main priorities is to attract and retain some of the best talents available on the market. Hence, Datalogic offers excellent opportunities and multiple ways to develop talents, enabling them to improve their skill set.

One of the Group’s most important duties remains ensuring to all its employees a professional environment that meets the strictest health and safety requirements. For this purpose, monitoring and periodic review activities are constantly carried out by Datalogic, in order to safeguard its employees’ health and safety, by providing them with safe and welcoming working environments. Moreover, Datalogic has structured a welfare system for the Group's resources, that offers a series of benefits to all its employees. These include a set of opportunities to protect health and support family management, aimed at contributing to people's well-being.

For an organisation like ours, working with suppliers - and constantly increasing their added value - are key elements in strengthening our competitiveness. The strategic suppliers and their processes undergo specific analyses in order to assess any potential risks in terms of supply quality and the protection of social and environmental aspects.

This year, more than ever, Datalogic innovation also includes focussing on the future.

Datalogic has implemented environmental protection policies in order to minimise the external impact and the risks associated with its activities, though limited as they may be.

This Consolidated Non-Financial Statement is a further step forward in the process of sharing information regarding corporate and environmental sustainability aspects and the management of the relevant risks.

Valentina Volta
Group CEO


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