End-to-end traceability is one of the biggest challenge that airlines, airports and airground handlers are facing; offering a better service to their customers and increasing the passenger satisfaction.

The number of mishandled bags has been reduced year over year, but the related costs are still significant for airlines and airports. The new IATA 753 regulation requires airline members to track baggage from the bag check-in to the passenger pickup. This means airlines and airports need to upgrade their BHS systems by adding more tracking points along every step of the bag’s journey.

Datalogic can help airlines and airports to cover the gaps in bag traceability by offering complete solutions meeting the new IATA standard. In addition to handheld readers for bag check-in and mobile computers for the bag reconcilization process, Datalogic offers baggage tracking solutions on automated belts using stationary industrial barcode reading technology. Not only are these solutions easy to implement, they are highly customizable to fit all material handling requirements.



Datalogic has been one of IATA’s members, that defined the Standard Label used today in Airports (IATA Resolution 740) and has been chosen to define the Achievable Read Rate of a barcode reading system in real conditions (IATA report dated 23rd January1995).

Datalogic has always been a Baggage Handling System (BHS) pioneer: the company installed the first Automatic Reading Station for baggage handling in Europe (Milan - Linate, 1984). Since then, over 870 Datalogic reading systems have been installed in more than 200 airports across 5 continents (including Tokyo, Dubai, Hong Kong, Sidney, Paris, London, Kuala Lumpur, Chicago, and Atlanta), guaranteeing a fast, reliable and efficient service. Every day we work with our partners to minimize baggage loss, reduce delivery times, improve accuracy, and increase passenger satisfaction.

Datalogic remains a leader in the airport solutions market, offering breakthrough technologies from laser readers to vision systems.

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