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Freedom to roam inside or outside and trace, track, transact


Streamlining all processes throughout the complete supply chain is no longer a ‘nice to have’ solution, it is a ‘must have’ in order to achieve success. Datalogic offers a full line of handheld mobile computers in various form factors meant to fit the many unique needs of our customers. The environs of the store floor, warehouse and transports are varied requiring different solutions. Datalogic has designed its handheld mobile computer line, so the customers can have peace of mind. Barcodes can be scanned near or far, damaged or not, 1D or 2D, whether inside or out no matter the weather.


Meeting a variety of application needs


Every customer faces different challenges in developing their vision for implementation of a successful traceability plan throughout their established enterprise. The Retail, Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing and Healthcare industries dictate additional application requirements. Datalogic’s family of available handheld mobile computers span possibilities from pocketable keyboard based unit to a 5” full touch rugged mobile computer. Data capture and tracking needs will vary from front of store applications to backroom applications, inside the warehouse and beyond the four walls, from order processing and order picking - Datalogic will provide the best solution. 


Targeted benefits to meet enterprise challenges


The Datalogic handheld mobile computer portfolio can address unique application needs such as scanning distance, ergonomics, communications, user safety and the ruggedness of the enclosure.  Common benefits found include:

  • Ergonomic designs
    Experience the comfortable design of every handheld mobile computer that will minimize strain on the operator’s workload.  Increasing comfort means increasing profitability

  • Ruggedness
    Protect your investment.  Enclosures with robust designs, varied IP ratings up to IP65, different drop specs up to 6 ft. all combine to give a strong ROI

  • Communications
    Choose the communication features that are right for individual customers such as standalone WiFi or combining WiFi with cellular, BT and NFC all join to offer ease of communications

  • Android™Operating Systems
    Unleash the power of an Android platform with a variety of levels available in our handheld mobile computer selections

  • Enclosures
    Keeping the safety of operators and customers alike, the enclosure plastics of the handheld mobile computer stand up to the wiping down with strong cleansers to decrease transmission of microorganisms

  • Scanning Distances
    See productivity increase when scanning distances near and far are seamless

  • Processors
    Discover the ability to experience ease of scanning that fit specific needs between different core processor options

  • Keyboards
    Find the right keyboard configuration and scan triggers in various handheld mobile computers that best fit operator comfort and productivity levels

  • Displays
    Experience improved TCO with rugged displays constructed from strengthened materials such as Gorilla Glass®and Dragontrail™

  • Illumination
    Reduce eyestrain of operators with automatic ambient light adjustment of display and backlit keyboards for ease of use and increased productivity

  • Charging capabilities
    Strengthen ROI avoiding contact corrosion through the use of charging options such as contactless, and USB-C capabilities

  • Batteries 
    Shorten downtime with removable Lion Batteries and hot swap batteries choices in the handheld mobile computer line



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