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Stationary industrial 1D reader scanners bring increased speed in throughput


Increased accuracy, traceability and throughput result when stationary industrial 1D reader scanners are implemented in the manufacturing lines of the Electronic, Automotive, Pharma, Food & Beverage, and Logistics industries. Datalogic’s broad range of stationary industrial 1D reader scanners offers many options from which to choose, including laser barcode scanners. The implementation of customized stationary industrial 1D reader scanners throughout conveyor lines allows for barcodes to be viewed, scanned, recorded and information transmitted, even when a line operator is not available to do so. This translates into faster throughput and higher accuracy rates for the manufacturers. Each manufacturing line presents with its own unique application needs that should be properly addressed to receive optimal benefits and a strong ROI. Automating processes lowers the actual staffing needs resulting in a stronger bottom line and allows operators to turn their attention to other important areas where they are needed. 


Increase throughput, increase revenue


Companies employing the innovative placement of stationary industrial 1D reader scanners in their manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and distribution lines will see a marked increase in throughput, accuracy and traceability. Specific applications where laser barcode scanners prove to be beneficial include automated warehousing, conveyor and parcel sorting, airport baggage handling, automated picking systems, automated shop floors, Work in Process (WIP), print & apply systems, secondary package control, palletizing and shipping processes, parts traceability, retail distribution and process control.


An array of scanners brings an array of benefits


Datalogic’s stationary industrial 1D reader scanner portfolio contains various laser barcode scanner options to best fit a variety of needs and applications which in turn provides a variety of benefits. An overview of this scanner family’s benefits includes:

  • Reading performance
    Seamlessly read common 1D codes including Code39, EAN/UPC, Code93, Code 128, GS1-128, Codabar and successful reads of low-quality codes and unpredictable reading conditions

  • Reading range
    Choose the range, near or far, that best suits your needs

  • Ethernet bus connections
    Enjoy real time synchronizations

  • Embedded ethernet switches
    Get the benefit of a linear and ring topology network

  • Digital Signal Technology (DST)
    Discover stable and consistent performances with Datalogic’s DST. Experience 1% - 2% increased read rate compared to traditional barcode systems; significant improvement of optic capabilities; improved read rate on low quality codes and unpredictable conditions, 100% requested area coverage at any code resolution (10 mils – 15 mils), increased system redundancy thanks to higher overlap reading area reader-to-reader in the same tunnel

  • E-Genius
    Enjoy ease of configuration and installation through web browser programming tools

  • Focus flexibility
    Choose the focus that is right for the job with options such as Astra3G superior DoF and FoV without mechanical autofocus, or selectable focus ranges including medium, long, linear or oscillating for high application flexibility

  • PackTrack technology
    Reduce gap between consecutive items/parcels and achieve overall higher system throughput (greater than 10,000 items per hour)

  • ACR decoding software
    Make reading a partially damaged or low print quality barcode reading a snap with this decoding algorithm

  • Subzero versions –Capture data in temperatures from -35°C to 70°C (-31°F - 158°F)


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