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Measuring up for a strong ROI


Datalogic’s family of stationary industrial scanners are an essential addition to the success of the manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and distribution industries. Datalogic furthers the ability of accuracy on belt and cross-belt conveyor systems with its ultra-high performance in-motion dimensioners providing items volume measurement. When the dimensioner is used in conjunction with the strategic placement of image-based and laser-based scanners in specific locations along the line, the result will be seen increases of the throughput, accuracy and traceability, while enhancing the ROI, mainly due to enabling Revenue Recovery thanks to Legal for Trade certification of the measurement.

These dimensioners represent an additional important component of the stationary industrial scanners portfolio for successful moving of goods throughout various industries. The compact overhead dimensioning system is ready to supply highly accurate width, height and length measurements of a parcel as it travels on the conveyor. The self-contained dimensioner offers ease of installation and enables a range of applications across multiple markets including parcel, warehousing and distribution. Implementing the dimensioner with a dual head approach allows successful and accurate measurements of irregular shaped and cuboidal objects.

The highly accurate reporting available with stationary industrial scanners and dimensioners combine to give strong realization of revenue. Datalogic’s dimensioner is certified in Legal-For-Trade (LFT) applications which eases worry when exacting measurements are needed. The accuracy of the dimensioner measurements, when coupled with an integrated scale in the conveyor system, will provide operators with needed detailed information. The data collected in these systems can be communicated to the host system via ethernet cabling. This information will aid in decreasing downtime, for example by avoiding improper transportation load needs and warehouse storage space planning. Increased return on investments will result in increased efficient plan and time management.


Exacting measurements for application success


Inaccurate measurements and weights can contribute to revenue loss if allowed to continue. Datalogic’s dimensioner offers certified accuracy, ease of installation, and high protection against moisture and dust particles. These attributes make this stationary industrial scanners family member a great match for the warehousing and distribution industries by determining AS/RS space allocation, trailer loading planning and automated manifesting systems. It is well proven to provide strong success in the Courier, Express, Parcel (CEP) and Revenue Recovery applications, where accurate measurements are essential for scheduling for efficient and correct transportation requirements.

Additional application benefits beyond dimensioning are experienced with dual head dimensioning systems. The dual head dimensioner approach gives you the opportunity to examine cuboidal plus irregular shaped items for known shaped items, 4-corner position coordinates and side by side detection for cuboidals.


Measuring the benefits


  • Accuracy
    Experience peace of mind with accurate dimensioning at high speeds with NTEP certified accuracy of +/- 0.2” length and width and +/- 0.1” height at belt speeds up to 650 and OIML certified accuracy of +/- 5 mm for length, width and +/- 2 mm height at belt speeds up to 3.3 m/s

  • Ease of installation
    Enjoy plug and play functionality simplifies field replacement

  • Reliability
    Rest assured your investment is protected by IP65 rating, -10°-50° C (14° - 122° F) operating temperature and Industrial M12 connectors

  • Legal for Trade certifications
    Make sure your measurements are certifiable and accepted internationally. Single head model NTEP, OIML and MC on belt conveyors and for cross-belt functions. The double head solution is NTEP and OIML certified for Legal for Trade applications in both belt conveyor and cross-belt scenarios

  • Package flows
    Find either system will take command in singulated and non-singulated package flows

  • Warranty
    Be assured your investment is covered by a 2-year factory warranty



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