The miniature S41 series is a photoelectric sensor basic line offering through beam, retroreflex polarized and proximity models with both red or IR LED emission, also available with or without trimmer adjustment and M8 4-poles or 2m cable connection.

Características e Benefícios

  • Performance/price ratio: most cost-effective detection solution
  • Basic line: suitable for the main industrial applications
  • Cable or M8 4-pole connection: flexible connection system able to meet customer applications


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:
  • Automatic machines
  • Packaging lines
  • Transportation lines
  • Automatic warehouses
The product series offers the following models:

Ordering Codes


950701000S41-2-B-P RRX POL 2,5m PNP NO-NC CABLE
950701010S41-2-C-P DIFFUSE 35cm PNP NO-NC CABLE
950701020S41-2-D-P FOC-PROXI 10cmPNP NO-NC CABLE
950701030S41-2-F-P RECEIVER 6m PNP NO-NC CABLE
950701040S41-2-G EMITTER 6m CABLE 10-30Vdc
950701045S41-2-H NARROW-BEAM CABLE
950701050S41-5-B-P RRX POL 2,5m PNP NO-NC M8
950701060S41-5-C-P DIFFUSE 35cm PNP NO-NC M8
950701070S41-5-D-P FOC-PROXI 10cmPNP NO-NC M8
950701080S41-5-F-P RECEIVER 6m PNP NO-NC M8
950701090S41-5-G EMITTER 6m CONN M8 10-30Vdc
950701095S41-5-H NARROW-BEAM CONN M8
950701100S41-2-P-P RRX POL 2,5M PNP NO-NC CABLE
950701110S41-5-P-P RRX POL 2,5M PNP NO-NC M8
950701120S41-5-C-N DIFFUSE 35cm NPN NO-NC M8
950701130S41-2-T-P RRX-TRANS 80cmPNP NO-NC CABLE
950701140S41-5-T-P RRX-TRANS 80cmPNP NO-NC M8
950701150S41-2-B-N RRX POL 2,5m NPN NO-NC CABLE
950701160S41-2-C-N DIFFUSE 35cm NPN NO-NC CABLE
950701170S41-2-D-N FOC-PROXI 10cmNPN NO-NC CABLE
950701180S41-2-F-N RECEIVER 6m NPN NO-NC CABLE
950701190S41-2-P-N RRX POL 2,5M NPN NO-NC CABLE
950701200S41-2-T-N RRX-TRANS 80cmNPN NO-NC CABLE
950701210S41-5-B-N RRX POL 2,5m NPN NO-NC M8
950701230S41-5-D-N FOC-PROXI 10cmNPN NO-NC M8
950701240S41-5-F-N RECEIVER 6m NPN NO-NC M8
950701250S41-5-P-N RRX POL 2,5M NPN NO-NC M8
950701260S41-5-T-N RRX-TRANS 80cmNPN NO-NC M8
The following accessories are available to simplify installation and optimize product performances:

Ordering Codes


95ACC1300ST-505 fixing bracket S3/40/41/TEN/TEC
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