Programa de Parceiros

Programa de Parceiros

Programa de Parceiros

Shared Trust, Shared Experience, Shared Success!

A successful Partnership has only one unit of measure; the growth of each Partner's business. Datalogic Partners are recognized for providing unique business value and points of strength to complement our technology offerings.

Ensuring the success of these partners through consistent pricing, protected margins, channel integrity and unquestioned commitment are keys to delivering value to our partners.

Our Partner Advantage Program comes in 3 layers depending on your business model. All layers are important and modular.

Membership Levels

Your membership level is defined by multiple criteria and linked to different membership advantages.

Technological Competences

Technological competence refer to the different Datalogic solutions your company is presenting with thorough and strong technology focus.

Expertise and Certifications

Each technological Competence is individually assessed and ranked based on your expertise, your certification and engagement with Datalogic.