MassFlowDetectionSystem - Efficient data collection for non-conveyable parcels

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MFDS (MassFlowDetectionSystem) is an advanced solution that enables automated data collection for non-conveyable parcels.  In the ‘non-conveyable’ parcel sector, large items have increased significantly even more than traditional parcels, moreover, are subject to manual treatment, creating a labor-intensive process.

 MFDS increases the process efficiency by automating 4 operations: 

  • DETECT items even touching or running side by side on large conveyor belts (up to 1.5 m)
  • DIMENSION items, either regular or irregular shaped, providing LFT certified measurements
  • DECODE barcode information on labels and merge it to the respective item
  • DEPICT items by capturing and saving respective images


MFDS utilizes Datalogic’s best products and integrates smart software to deliver a turn-key solution:  

  • Items are DETECTED and DIMENSIONED with the DM3610 LFT measurement system enhanced with advanced 3D analysis to separate irregular shaped objects that are touching other parcels.
  • Barcodes present on parcels are DECODED by multiple technologies: Area Imagers (AV900, typically covering from top) and Laser Readers (DS8110, from exposed sides).
  • The SC5100 system controller is the system’s brain, merging all data to the correct parcel.
  • AV900 area imagers and a color IP camera take multiple views of items running over the conveyor belt. These images can be used for video coding activities and become proof of the objects’ condition.

Downloads para MFDS


Modelos & Acessórios

MFDS-1100 Top Imager NTEP
MFDS-1101 Top Imager MID
MFDS-1110 Top Laser NTEP
MFDS-1111 Top Laser MID
MFDS-1500 5S Full NTEP
MFDS-1501 5S Full MID
MFDS-1520 5S 6AV 10DS NTEP
MFDS-1522 5S 6AV 12DS Measurement Canada
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