Datalogic technology leads the fight against cancer: the Tours hospital in France uses Datalogic Memor™ mobile computers to assure hospital staff members total mobility while linked constantly to the main computerised system

Bologna, May 28th, 2010 - Datalogic Group, through its subsidiary Datalogic Mobile, has supplied the Hospital Centre/University campus of Tours (CHRU), in France, with an innovative data management solution to make cancer treatment more efficient. This hospital structure is able to provide medical care to over 65.000 patients each year.

With a pharmaceutical unit that produces 25.000 chemotherapy treatments each year, the Tours hospital is a top quality centre in which the chemical substances used during chemotherapy (cytotoxics) are handled in a controlled environment, where a specific procedure is applied to control all the preparation phases of the pharmaceuticals, as well as numerous monitoring measures of the production process. At CHRU (Tours), these activities are managed entirely by the main computerised system in order to guarantee complete traceability of the preparation process, from the prescription stage right through to delivery to the patient.

Datalogic's mobile computers are at the heart of this solution, assuring mobility to doctors and to those in charge of preparing and delivering the pharmaceuticals, following the operational protocol implemented by the hospital with precision and also constantly updating the case history of each patient.
Thanks to Datalogic MemorTM, medical operators remain linked to the main computerised system of the hospital constantly throughout the whole preparation cycle of the treatments, while the handheld terminals Datalogic SkorpioTM are used for delivery operations and for registering the signature of the person commissioned to receive the pharmaceutical.
What's more, the handheld terminal, Datalogic SkorpioTM, guarantees that the procedures are carried out in an exact chronological order and that the operator is personally identified before starting them. Once identified, the operator may access all the information necessary, the processing stage of the treatment and the specific requirements of the patient from the handheld terminal by scanning the code written on the preparation. Thanks to the mobile computers, Datalogic SkorpioTM, the pharmaceuticals are delivered and administered to the patient without the possibility of hospital personnel making mistakes, by confirming receipt and delivery of the pharmaceutical following the administration criteria written on the screen of the handheld terminal.

Doctor Tournamille, chemist of CHRU Tours, explains in detail that:
"The traceability system saves us a great amount of time in both the production phase and the distribution phase of chemotherapy treatments. Datalogic's mobile computers enable total mobility, which is appreciated by our staff members in particular and above all they allow us to control each phase in real time and to trace all the operations related to the treatment of a certain patient. Our security has increased and with it the security of our patients".

Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Datalogic Group commented:
"We signed this significant partnership with one of the most advanced hospital centres of France thanks to the technological proficiency developed by Datalogic in data management. It is a clear example of how investing in Research and Development also means satisfying demands in fields where no errors whatsoever are admitted, as indeed is the case of the medical field. We have found an ideal partner in the Tours hospital, as it is open to innovation and capable of realising solutions that improve the treatment processes and, what's more important, the health of patients".