Long-Range Scanners: DS8110/DX8210

Long-Range Scanners: DS8110/DX8210

Linear and omnidirectional laser scanners for all your Transportation & Logistics applications

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The DS8110 is a barcode reader offering superior reading performance in any operative conditions. It is designed to satisfy the most demanding applications in Parcel Sorting and Baggage Handling applications.

The DS8110 offers unique features and benefits such as innovative DST (Digital Signal Technology) with a drastic increase in DoF and FoV. DST offers stable and constant performance under any working conditions.

ASTRA™ G3, the latest version of ASTRA technology, offers outstanding performance, multiplying optic capability and depth of field.

Multi-headed tunnel configurations are perfectly managed based on EBC (Ethernet Bus Connection), allowing high-speed data transmission and real-time signal synchronization inside the system. EBC allows for automatic setup, redundant configuration and ease of use. System diagnostics are perfectly aligned with e-GENIUS, a browser-based configuration tool.

The DX8210 is a laser barcode reader with top of the range reading performance and ease of use. It is aimed at end users and system integrators specializing in T&L applications.

With its unique design, the DX8210 offers an ALL-IN-ONE solution for omnidirectional reading stations. This single device is capable of reading codes at any orientation on conveyors.

With the benefits of state-of-the-art technology and innovative optic design, the DX8210 can cover a wide conveyor and large depth of field to satisfy demanding applications. A high scan rate (1000 scans/sec) allows the DX8210 to perform perfectly on high-speed conveyors in mass production applications.

The innovative DST (Digital Signal Technology) drastically increases optic performance, even when the barcode quality has been compromised.

Multi-headed tunnel configurations are perfectly managed with EBC (Ethernet Bus Connection), allowing high speed data transmission and real-time signal synchronization.

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