Outbound Logistics for Beverage & Food Solutions

Outbound Logistics for Beverage & Food Solutions

Outbound Logistics for Beverage & Food Solutions

Outbound logistics is the last but not least stage in the journey of goods as they make their way to the next or final destination. It is the part of the supply chain that takes them from shipping areas or distribution centers, employing complex logistics processes that continue to monitor traceability. Outbound logistics operations take place once palletized goods arrive in the shipping area, go through final verification and are loaded into trucks and then taken to another distribution center, another warehouse, to the end user, or directly to customers. What is critical however is the right product reaches the right destination at the right time. The end goal is customer satisfaction, even when they have full visibility of their particular order and the estimated time of arrival.

Every product has a unique ID, even once the individual product has been grouped and packaged with others on a single pallet. Scanning the relevant barcode should allow the retrieval of the full history of the product all the way back through the supply chain to the raw ingredients used. It is therefore imperative to have a good read so that the barcode ties in with the data stored in production management and warehouse management systems. Failure to read damaged or dirty barcodes on products or pallets leads to added time that could cause unnecessary delays to delivery times, or even negative impacts on brand identity.

The right technology helps barcode-based warehouse operations to track products throughout receiving, put away, replenishment, picking, and inventory control. Using fixed cameras, handheld scanners, and mobile computers empowers organizations and their employees to achieve complete warehouse traceability and manage their inventory to maximum effect.




For traceability, critical information associated with lot number, production date, and packaging-line ID is linked to a single barcode applied to individual cases. The information in these codes must correlate with data stored in the plant's back-office systems when read by unattended readers. A poor read means inventory goes missing.

Datalogic's Matrix 220X stationary industrial scanner effectively reads barcodes printed with any technology on any label material. Case identification by Matrix 220X prevents no-read/poor-read situations. As a result, unidentified cases requiring manual handling and packaging-line downtime are avoided.

Traceability becomes complex when packaged products are grouped into cases and placed on pallets to make ready for the supply chain. Barcodes applied to individual cases are linked to critical information associated with lot number, production date, and packaging-line ID to facilitate traceability. But the information stored in these codes must correlate with data stored in the plant's production monitoring system (PMS) and warehouse management system (WMS) when read by unattended readers to avoid losing track production progress and of inventory.

Datalogic's Matrix 220X stationary industrial scanner (SIS) effectively reads barcodes printed or marked with any technology on all label materials. Its state-of-the-art decoding algorithms enable effective reading of damaged or poorly printed codes. At predefined thresholds, the unit's ability to detect declining barcode print quality will proactively alert line operators to potential problems. The Matrix 220X makes no-read/poor-read situations a thing of the past. It virtually eliminates unidentified cases requiring manual handling and packaging-line downtime with all the associated costs.

The Matrix 220X imager is designed for superior performance, thanks to a 1.2 MP high-resolution sensor, a multicore image processing platform, innovative lighting solutions, and industrial-grade electronic focus technology. It is the ideal imager for the food and beverage industry.





Industry 4.0 revolutionizes how companies manufacture, distribute, and track their products. Product and pallet traceability are among the areas that will see dramatic improvements. Pallet tracking in intralogistics and logistics environments will benefit from complete insight into product data, streamlined production and business management, and proactive detection and amelioration of problems.

Datalogic's Matrix 320 stationary industrial scanner meshes perfectly with Industry 4.0 advances. The unit significantly boosts palette traceability in the food and beverage industries by featuring a wide field of view (FOV) that effectively reads pallet labels positioned manually or by print-and-apply systems.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, transforms traditional manufacturing and industrial practices by combining them with the latest smart technology. As a result, production facilities will have greater adaptability and flexibility in reacting to customer demand, analyzing and diagnosing issues without human intervention, and raising the efficiency of core production processes like product and pallet traceability.

Proper pallet tracking in intralogistics and logistics environments ensures manufacturers against the risk of costly product recalls and negative impacts on the brand. With insight into the pallet ID, origin, production/expiry dates, lot number, and raw material used at their fingertips, manufacturers can stay ahead of production problems.

Built on a multicore platform with hardware acceleration and HDR capability, the Datalogic Matrix 320 delivers an impressively wide field of view (FOV) to read multiple labels or codes in a single acquisition using one reader. Now, pallet labels positioned by automated print-and-apply systems or manually are consistently and  accurately read. Even in scenarios where multiple barcodes appear on the palleted goods or laser marked on the metal palette frame, the Matrix 320 captures all the data in a single read.

The Matrix 320 helps food and beverage manufacturers boost their operational capability and increase productivity—an easy return on investment.

For top performance in challenging pallet traceability applications, the unit's is also available with high-performing C-Mount lenses , smart illuminators, and an up-to-5MP sensor to deliver customized efficient reading and advanced logistics handling.





Operations activities, like receiving, put away, replenishment, picking, and inventory control, are at the heart of any warehouse. The challenge is tracing inventory to verify the ID, history, location, and other important information. Barcode-based data capture makes this fast, accurate and efficient.

Datalogic's Skorpio X5 ensures the warehouse's inventory traceability and significantly reduces the errors associated with manual traceability systems. Users can count on the fully ruggedized portable data terminal (PDT) for superior reading performance and accuracy.

Barcode technology has revolutionized warehouse operations in the food and beverage industries for decades. With the right equipment, barcodes efficiently enhance traceability systems. With a single scan, items, cases, and pallets moving through the supply chain are associated with information stored in databases. Inventory no longer goes missing.

When used with defined processes, barcode-based warehouse operations drive effectiveness and efficiency. Experienced employees can move quickly through tasks like receiving, put away, replenishment, picking, and inventory control. New employees rapidly ramp into their roles with shorter learning curves and standardized operating procedures. Barcode implementation in the warehouse drives accurate and timely data capture and the ability to track performance and results in all warehouse operations.

Datalogic's Skorpio X5 enables food and beverage producers to reach new levels of reliability and flexibility. The ruggedized, ultra-fast, key-based portable data terminal (PDT) has the largest multi-touch display in the market. It delivers everything warehouse operations managers need to ensure that inventory is tracked accurately and proficiently. The Skorpio X5  is purposefully designed to work in all kinds of conditions. Its unique midrange imager and 2D Extra-Long Range (XLR) imager deliver superior reading performance, even with poor print quality or damaged barcodes or those under a plastic wrap.

The Skorpio X5 provides increased productivity and reduced error rates in food and beverage warehouse operations. It delivers unmatched accuracy, enhanced process visibility, and greater cost-effectiveness.





Barcode inventory systems track warehouse inventory quickly and easily. When scanned with a handheld mobile device, barcoded items are instantly associated with data stored in the warehouse management system, facilitating smooth inventory management.

Datalogic's PowerScan 9600 ruggedized handheld scanner features industry-leading durability and reading performance. The reader's wireless charging and smart battery technology make it the top barcode-reading solution for managing inventory in any warehouse environment.

It's common knowledge today that barcode inventory systems are essential to food and beverage inventory control. The sheer volume of goods that need to be tracked and synchronized in real-time with the warehouse management systems (WMS) relegates manual tracking to past practice.

Barcoded products scanned with a handheld mobile device are immediately synchronized with the WMS. Automatic identification reduces human error and streamlines inventory operations.

Datalogic's PowerScan 9600 handheld reader is the top barcode imaging solution for effortless warehouse inventory management. The scanner accurately captures barcodes printed on various material types and is unphased by varying code and background color combinations. The unit even handles codes printed with suboptimal print quality. With these capabilities, loading errors are eliminated, and downtime is minimized.

Food and beverage warehouses are fast-paced environments that demand equipment that can keep up. The PowerScan 9600 is uniquely qualified to take on those challenges with a ruggedized body design and options that make on-site data entry a breeze. The options of wireless or tethered operation, on-board display, and a keyboard demonstrate the unit's flexibility to work in any environment. Long-lasting smart battery technology and wireless charging maximize and keep the handheld ready-to-go at all times.



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