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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic Automation (Datalogic Group - DAL.MI): deal with the Spanish government worth over 3 million Euro

Bologna, 2 July 2007
- Datalogic Automation, through its affiliate company Laservall S.p.A., has received an order worth over 3 million Euro to supply laser marking equipment to the Spanish government for the production of new electronic ID cards.

A specialist in the manufacture of laser marking systems, Laservall S.p.A will supply this technology in the framework of the offer which won the NID (National ID) tender.  Commissioned by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, the project will create anti-forgery ID documents giving Spanish citizens secure access to a wide range of services and transactions with government agencies and financial institutions, including purchases over the internet.

Led by Telvent GIT S.A. (Nasdaq TLVT) a Spanish System Integrator, the winning team includes Laservall, the Swiss company Ixla S.a. - a business partner of Laservall - and the American company Datacard, a leader in credit card and automatic document personalisation systems.

The deal concerns an initial lot of 118 systems, for a total value of over 3 million Euro, to be installed by September 2007. The order is part of the NID project, for which 500 systems are expected to be installed before the end of 2007.

Laservall has developed a highly compact, precise and reliable desktop system that integrates a high speed, high resolution laser marking laser, to engrave photo and relevant identification data on the card and a checking system to ensure the quality and accuracy of the marked information.

"This order is a great success to mark the birth of Datalogic Automation, a Datalogic Group company resulting from the recent transformation process involving the whole Group", stated Guglielmo Piazzi, General Manager of Datalogic Automation. "It is an extremely important result which confirms the effectiveness of the strategy of maximising synergies that inspired the birth of Datalogic Automation".

"The award of this project, which is of strategic importance for the Spanish government, is further recognition for Laservall in the growing market of electronic documents and data-management security", declares Carmelo D'Andrea, Managing Director of Laservall S.p.A.. "Our laser marking technology is confirmed as a decisive tool for fighting against identity theft and guaranteeing the security of electronic documents preventing forgery".

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