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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic buys a stake in the USA company, Alien Technology Corporation, for a total value of about 1.3 million dollars.

Bologna, 23rd March 2004
- Datalogic - the largest European manufacturer of barcode readers and of portable terminals for the collection and transmission of data - and who also produces radio frequency identification systems (RFID) - is buying a minority stake in the American company, Alien Technology Corporation, for a value of about 1.3 million dollars, through a private international placing.

The stake in the California company further bolsters the more than 20 year presence of EMS, a company in the Datalogic Group, in the RFID sector.

Alien Technologies, with its headquarters in Morgan Hill - California, has 140 employees for the production and distribution of the RFID labels at prices much more competitive than the current ones from other companies because of its exclusive manufacturing process, called Fluidic Self Assembly ("FSA").

Thanks to this technology, in fact, production costs are expected to drop significantly in only a few years and this will result in huge savings to make the outlet markets for RFID technology accessible for large volume production in the future.

The expected spread of RFID technology will, in fact, allow companies to optimise the management of their distribution chains because they will have precise control of warehouse contents, be able to trace products and be able to manage their production process in a more efficient way.

Alien Technology has important orders in its portfolio from some of the most famous companies on the global level (Gillette, Tesco) and it has developed partnerships with the main suppliers in its reference markets.

Datalogic, through its subsidiary EMS, will develop readers and antennae for radio frequency labels.

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