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Laser Marking Systems

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Laser marking is the solution of choice for reliable traceability applications in modern industrial environments, where permanent, indelible, reliable marking results are mandatory.

Industrial laser markers can be easily integrated into new or existing traceability infrastructures. They can interact with your Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or ERP platforms allowing for more flexible, less expensive, and faster manufacturing. If your production needs versatility, Datalogic laser markers will take you to the next level, with format changeovers in unbeatable time, seamlessly from mass production to size one.

Thanks to a wide and comprehensive product portfolio of laser marking solutions, Datalogic can offer a solution for virtually any Direct Part Marking (DPM) application on a wide variety of materials, including metals, resin, thermoplastic, silicon, glass, and ceramic. Datalogic also offers solutions for marking organic materials such as wood, cardboard, leather, and produce. Depending on the materials to mark, there is a wide range of Laser Marking technologies to use: Fiber, DPSS, CO2, UV, Green, among many others. The source of the laser makes a big difference on the quality of the mark depending on the material that is being marked, and Datalogic can provide all needed advice and solutions in that regard.

Laser Marking Systems Common Applications

One of the unique advantages of laser marking is the ability to modify and adapt their interaction with the substrate material. This creates an exceptional combination of capabilities and features that make this solution one of the most flexible on the market.

Common applications for laser marking scanners include:

  • Industrial Traceability
    Laser Direct Part Marking (LDPM) is used whenever a reliable and permanent code is needed in harsh environments.  Datalogic’s laser markers include up to 100 code symbologies. This, in combination with human readable alphanumeric text, can be engraved, etched, or marked on any metal, plastic or organic materials. High resolution and reliable contrast ensure that LDPM codes are marked in compliance with your specific industry's quality standards.

  • Branding and Texturing
    Laser etching, laser annealing, and laser ablation are widely diffused process when your product needs a high-resolution brand logos, quality certification marks, or even a texture or a decoration. Laser marking systems are the best solution for OEMs and ODMs for their unique capability to calibrate the laser beam to achieve a high contrast attractive visual effect with a permanent while non-tactile mark.

  • Industrial Processing
    Laser markers can be used for material processing as part of the manufacturing process. Selective paint ablation or coating removal are employed to selectively remove protective coating layers and ensure good welding or adhesive behavior, or secure electrical connections. This efficient, maskless, process is also widely used in the manufacturing process of commonly known as “night & day” backlit electronic components. A special logo or symbol is made visible on them through the ablation of dark paint on light transparent components.

Laser Marking Systems Common Benefits

Laser markers offer several advantages compared to other marking technologies. The benefits span from lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) to easy and quick setup, reduced noise level, support for common fieldbuses, personalization capabilities and effective reliable long-lasting code, and graphics marking on the most diffused materials. The portfolio completeness allows Datalogic to find the best solution for your application with the best price/performance ratio on the market.

  • Cycle times
    Laser Marking in many permanent marking applications is not only safer, but much faster than dot-ping or acid etching. Increased throughput is a definitive advantage over these other technologies that are progressively becoming outdated and unproductive.

  • Total Cost of Ownership
    Despite the higher initial cost, laser marking systems dramatically reduce the TCO (as ongoing maintenance and running costs lessen) compared to other marking techniques. Other benefits are no consumables, high level of repeatability, no degradation of marking quality over time, and extremely limited electrical consumption. The Datalogic solutions are also known for their competitive “price per watt”.

  • Integration
    Laser marking is a non-contact process: there is no mechanical interaction with the target parts. This means no need of expensive clamping or fixture. The marking will only affect the select area with no spills, abrasion, or damage on the surrounding components.

  • Selective Processing
    Laser is widely tunable in its affects. It is possible to deep engrave one component and to gently texture the next one with no thermal effects or damages.

  • Environmentally Friendly
    Laser does not use any chemicals, inks, or solvents like traditional marking methods. It does not produce waste. In addition, the electrical consumption typical of newer laser technologies, like fiber laser, is tremendously reduced.

  • Profitability
    Datalogic can help you to increase your profitability and see real return on investment also reducing overhead and eliminating waste.

  • Interface
    Datalogic laser marking systems incorporate proprietary laser control software, which provides user friendly interface for all our industrial laser markers, built-in fieldbus support, run time and editing interface, and integrated powerful tools for customization to meet your business needs and for easy programming.


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