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Datalogic smart cameras integrate the functionality and performance of a machine vision into a single and compact industrial device. In fact, they can capture images and process them directly on board, eliminating the need for additional external devices.

Datalogic smart cameras portfolio is divided into different options based on cost and performance, allowing you to choose the product that best suits your application needs, while remaining within budget constraints.

The range includes ultra-compact smart cameras with integrated illuminators and lenses, such as the P1x and P2x Series, and products with a more traditional form factor such as the A and T-Series. All families offer maximum modularity, allowing customers to compose the product by choosing the optics, illuminator and any filter that best match the application requirements. All smart cameras also meet the highest standards of robustness and industrialization, ensuring a high degree of mechanical protection (typically IP65/67), extended operating temperature range, and circular connectors M12. Another element that unites all Datalogic smart cameras is the sophisticated design of the optical and lighting compartment. The products, in fact, integrate top quality lenses and illuminators capable of capturing clear and high-quality images even in the most challenging application environments, such as high-speed lines.

Datalogic smart cameras are equipped with IMPACT software, the flexible platform that offers a wide range of vision algorithms for image processing. Despite their compact size, therefore, Datalogic smart cameras deliver the same functionality as an advanced PC-based vision system. While extraordinarily flexible, IMPACT offers an intuitive and purely graphical configuration experience, not requiring you to write code like other devices on the market.


Smart cameras most common applications


Thanks to their astonishing flexibility and versatility, Datalogic smart cameras can be used in many different application areas, including:


  • Quality Inspection
    This represents one of the most common cases in which smart cameras are required to guarantee that the inspected product complies with the company's quality standards. From food industy to automotivepharmaceuticals and electronicssmart camera can be employed to check shapes and colors, presence of details, correct assembly, and absence of surface defects.

  • Robot Guidance 
    Thanks to their compactness and ease of installation, smart cameras are widely used in robot guidance applications, i.e. in contexts in which it is mandatory to identify the position of an object and then communicate its gripping coordinates to the robot.

  • Code reading and OCR
    Datalogic smart cameras have the most up-to-date identification algorithms, not only for reading linear and two-dimensional barcodes, but also for reading text strings and characters such as expiration dates, lot or serial numbers, employed in almost all industries to identify components and finished products along the production processes.

  • Measurement
    Smart cameras can also be used in metrology applications that require highly accurate, non-contact measurements of mechanical or electronic components.


Smart cameras most common benefits


Are you looking for a vision solution to improve the quality of your processes, but machine vision scares you because it seems very complicated? Datalogic smart cameras are the answer to your problems!


  • Compactness 
    Datalogic smart cameras integrate all the elements of a machine vision into a single product. Therefore, there is no need to assemble and connect multiple components together.

  • Ease of use
    Thanks to the IMPACT software, the vision control configuration is simple and intuitive.

  • Robustness
    Forget about having to protect your machine vision. Datalogic smart cameras meet the highest standards of mechanical and electrical robustness.

  • Performance 
    Although small and compact, Datalogic smart cameras offer great computing power to satisfy even the most challenging applications.