Robot Guidance

Robot Guidance

Robot Guidance

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs), and Automated Guided Forklifts (AGFs) are playing an ever-increasing role in many industrial applications. AGVs are unattended vehicles that are used to transport materials, typically in large scale Manufacturing or warehouse environments. The ability to navigate the warehouse or Manufacturing environment plays a critical role in the application, ensuring that the robot is able to avoid physical obstructions, communicate with other devices, deliver/pick-up materials in the proper place and, most importantly, not create a safety hazard.

There are several technologies and solutions that provide guidance for AGV/LGV/AGF. The solution selected typically depends on the application and the complexity of the function being performed. Common solutions include LIDAR, Laser Scanners or 2D barcode readers. Datalogic provides options for all these solutions to meet the specific needs of the end user and optimization for their unique applications. These solutions provide the logic for the vehicle to be able to steer itself on the correct pathways and avoid damage to the materials that they are transporting, damage to surrounding structures (such as storage shelfing or conveyors), and avoid contact with human personnel in the same working space.




AGV/LGV/AGF applications are found in nearly all industries including, but not limited to, Manufacturing facilities specializing in Chemical, Automotive, Paper, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Logistical and Distribution Centers, as well as other technologically advanced facilities such as automated parking garages. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Considering the challenges presented by today’s changing markets, all organizations are finding value in the ability to integrate these technologies to their Manufacturing, supply chain, and intralogistics applications.

AGV/LGV/AGF technologies provide a cost-effective method to improve accuracy, reduce overhead and labor, and create a more efficient method of transporting goods and materials. 


  • Raw Material Handling
    AGV/LGV/AGFs are commonly used to transport raw materials from the receiving dock, staging area, or from point-to-point on the production line. This allows for timely delivery and prevents stops/delays optimizing efficiency.

  • Pallet Handling
    Found in nearly all applications utilizing pallets, AGV/LGV/AGFs are used to move the pallets from the palletizer, to shrink wrapping, to the outbound shipping dock or staging/storage area. This allows for a high level of repeatability and accuracy.

  • WIP (Work in Progress) Movement
    AGV/LGV/AGFs can move materials from the storage warehouse to the production line or from point-to-point in the Manufacturing process.

  • Roll Handling
    Common in paper, steel, and plastic manufacturing applications. AGV/LGV/AGFs provide an easy method to move these materials from the end of the Manufacturing cycle to storage or from the storage to the press or mill.




The benefits of integrating AGV/LGV/RGFs is easy to measure. These solutions provide improved accuracy, less labor and overhead, enhanced safety, and optimal performance for all applications that they are utilized.

Datalogic offers a complete portfolio of automated guidance solutions to support these autonomous vehicles and achieve your business needs and goals.


  • Accuracy
    Eliminate human error and prevent unnecessary waste of resources.

  • Timing
    Deliver on-time, all-of-the time.

  • Profitability
    Allow Datalogic to increase your profitability, reduce overhead, eliminate waste, and see real return on investment.

  • Safety
    Create a safer working environment with a safety rated TOF area scanner.