Tires Sorting & Shipping

Tires Sorting & Shipping

Tires Sorting & Shipping

Automated systems in tire production for sorting and shipping are necessary to keep tire production on track, on schedule, and properly stored. Datalogic industrial barcode readers and mobile computers collect and transmit data to enterprise systems seamlessly maximizing production efficiency. Datalogic equipment is well known in this industry for its accuracy needed to minimize manual handling. Our industry leading read rate prevents most of the manual handling caused by poor read rates or failing equipment not designed to withstand the harsh tire manufacturing environment.

Tire sorting and shipping applications take place after the manufacturing process has been completed, and the final production has passed through the wall separating manufacturing from storage. Automation and barcode technologies play a critical role in the shipping and sorting processes to insure traceability for inventory, storage, and logistics.

Datalogic offers the most comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions in the marketplace to deploy total traceability systems for components, sub-assemblies and finished goods. Our fixed position 1D and 2D statonary industrial scanners are based on cutting-edge technologies applied to imagers; such as electronic focus control, powerful lighting systems.  All are fully equipped with all the most common communication protocols like Ethernet IP, Profinet, and OPC-UA.

The barcode reading product portfolio is then enriched by the widest range of industrial handheld scanners in the market. They are equipped with powerful, state-of-the-art, scan engines to tackle even the most challenging applications like DPM or long distance 2D code reading.  Our barcode reader portfolio is then completed with an extensive range of mobile computers. They range from well-established industrial rugged Portable Data Terminals (PDT) with physical keyboard to Android™ powered full touch Portable Digital Assistant (PDA) and wearable barcode reading technology. The mobile computer portfolio also includes two other important families: rugged vehicle mount computers to provide forklift operators with a sturdy multi-touch interface to the Warehouse Management System and industrial tablets suitable to a wide range of applications.




The tire industry has many versatile and demanding applications. Whether your focus is on tire manufacturing, on shipping, sorting, or warehouse management, Datalogic offers a solution for nearly every aspect from receiving raw material to delivery of the finished good. Automation of these applications becomes easy when leveraging the full portfolio of solutions offered by Datalogic. Common applications include:


  • Shipping and Sorting
    High speed conveyors and robots move product past Datalogic fixed scanners that provide flexible and robust identification supporting the shipping process. Using either stationary industrial scanners or industrial handheld scanners, many tire applications utilize a process to scan barcodes on both the pallet and the final tire product to “marry” the pallet and the inventory for tracking and storage purposes. This creates an efficiency, reducing overhead and saving time in the truck loading process. 

  • Guidance
    Many tire manufacturers use gantry robotics and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) to automate their warehouse and shipping processes. These technologies require a method of guidance to assist them with positioning and navigation. Datalogic offers several options for robotic guidance including machine vision and time-of-flight solutions.

  • Measurement
    A wide range of laser Time of Flight (TOF) and Ultrasonic technology-based sensors, are commonly used in level and position control. Measurement light-curtains, with different heights and resolutions, together with easy and effective programming modality, are applied in the precise and accurate detection of the material dimensions. The Datalogic measurement portfolio also supports muting and blanking capabilities when called for by the application.

  • Forklifts
    Forklifts are commonly used to move pallets of finished tires from the conveyance automation to the storage area or from the storage area to the truck or loading conveyor. Datalogic offers a wide array of solutions for forklift applications.  These include industrial mobile computers that can be paired with our industrial handheld barcode readers, allowing the operator to interface with the WMS system and read barcodes without having to leave a seated position in many applications.



The benefits of adding a Datalogic Tire Solution to your processes can be measured in a multitude of ways. Whether your goal is to increase production, have complete visibility to all work in process metrics, provide a safer environment for your employees, or minimize waste and downtime, Datalogic solutions offer value across the board.  

  • Accuracy
    Eliminate human error and prevent unnecessary waste of resources. Fixed position readers dedicated to the Tire manufacturing environment consistently providing 99.98%+ read rates in proven field applications.

  • Increased throughput
    Optimize your throughput and maximize your organizations productivity through user friendly interfacing capability, and real time diagnostics.

  • Data management
    User friendly configuration options through the DL.Code configuration tool that allow multiple bar code data presentation to the MES system simplifying interaction between the physical application and data management.

  • Traceability
    Ensures that no steps are missed in the distribution processes, allowing you to make real-time decisions, when needed, to prevent further negative impact.

  • Timing
    Deliver on-time, all-of-the time.

  • Profitability
    Allow Datalogic to increase your profitability, reduce overhead, and see real return on investment.

  • Interface
    Datalogic provides user friendly interface platforms for all our fixed industrial scanners, allowing for customization to meet your business needs and for easy programming.


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