Queue-Busting Solution

Queue-Busting Solution

Queue-Busting Solution

Due to rising costs associated with supporting multiple checkout lanes, many retailers are rightsizing their POS environments to handle normal sales traffic. Queue Busting is a solution that allows retailers to scan multiple items with a handheld mobile computer and generate a single barcode with a mobile printing device that can be read at checkout – ultimately saving time at the final transaction and increasing throughput for the retailer. An additional benefit for retailers when selecting a Queue Busting solution is maximizing floor space. In most cases, retailers prefer to utilize their floor space for inventory and product to generate revenue and advertise promotions. Queue busting solutions also provide an additional option when floor space for increased checkout lanes are not a possibility.

Queue Busting also provides benefits for the consumer by reducing the amount of time spent waiting in line for checkout, which tends to be the number one frustration of consumers in brick and mortar retail settings. Customers welcome the ability to move through the checkout process more quickly and appreciate the personal attention, increasing their overall satisfaction with the experience. Integrating this solution offers retailers flexibility of how many cashiers they need during peak and minimum demand periods, allowing them to maximize their overhead and profitability.

With the versatility of mobile computing, in addition to the Queue Busting solution, the hardware also offers the ability to manage inventory in real time, perform price verification and mark down checks, and product availability. Depending on the POS software, it is also able to support scanning of customer loyalty reward cards and third-party coupons, offering even more savings of time and resources.




  • Strategic for small to medium basket sizes

  • No extra checkout lane needed

  • Customers who are looking for a fast and easy checkout can be managed (with or without a loyalty card)

  • Increases customer loyalty; feeling of added customer care and individual service

  • Higher throughput at the checkout

  • Better handling of peak shopping times in the store

  • Fewer abandoned carts

  • No integration with the POS system required



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