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The world is facing an unprecedented adaptation period initiated by the COVID‐ 19 pandemic. Many countries are following the guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the introduction of physical distancing and cleaning measures as some of the ways in which transmission of the disease can be reduced.

2020 pandemic outbreak calls for extremely safe and efficient working environmentsThe application of these measures has resulted in the closure of many businesses across industries, as well as restrictions on travel and social gatherings. For most people, working from home and hosting on‐line discussions and meetings are now normal practices. However, essential workers in Retail, Transportation & Logistics, in many Manufacturers, and of course Healthcare, settings do not have the opportunity to work from home and have to continue to work in their usual workplaces.

Keeping all workers in the food, pharma and consumer goods production, grocery stores, hospitals and supply chains healthy and safe is critical. Maintaining the movement of food and essential goods along the supply chain is an essential function to which all stakeholders need to contribute.

Companies are called to rethink their processes and the technologies used in order to improve the production efficiency while preserving a healthy working environment. Solutions to maintain the trust and confidence of both employees and customers, must be carefully re‐evaluated. Datalogic is ready to support these new needs with a comprehensive range of products and solutions addressing several applications in the Retail, Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics, and in Manufacturing Industry.

Effective cleaning of devices and potential consequences

The COVID‐19 outbreak has changed the paradigm of cleaning and sanitizing devices across most industries, in order to provide extra protection to both operators and customers. Cleaning frequency and methods are being implemented everywhere. Datalogic products are all compatible with the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) directive for covid‐19 sanitization.

Disinfectant‐ready models – selected models that withstand more aggressive cleaners/detergents than the CDC recommended basic solutions (listed above).Stop the spread of germs


To disinfect scanner/device surfaces, Datalogic recommends using one of the two following solutions:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol (70% solution at a minimum)
  • Household Bleach (5‐6% sodium hypochlorite)

    ½ cup bleach diluted in 1 gallon of water (120ml bleach in 3.8l of water)

Both options are recommended by the CDC as effective disinfecting solutions.

Datalogic also offers a heightened level of disinfection on selected models of mobile computers and handheld scanners: 

Disinfectant‐ready models – selected models that withstand more aggressive cleaners/detergents than the CDC recommended basic solutions (listed above).

  • Hand held scanners: Gryphon (all models), RIDA (Healthcare model only)
  • Mobile Computers: Memor 1, 10 and 20; Joya Touch (all models)

Antimicrobial & Disinfectant-ready models
- selected models that offer an extra value‐added feature which prevent the proliferation of microorganisms such as germs and bacteria.

  • Handheld scanners: Healthcare models of Gryphon & RIDA

Datalogic disinfectant-ready enclosures will resist the harsh-cleaning products listed below

Datalogic disinfectant-ready enclosures will resist the harsh-cleaning products listed

Datalogic’s antimicrobial products are certified by ISO22196 and are created by adding silver‐Ion additives to the plastic which inhibits the growth of micro‐ organisms such as germs and bacteria. 

Resistant to harsh disinfectant solutionsHarsh cleaners and chemicals can cause components and enclosures of devices to become discolored, weak, brittle and lose integrity. Datalogic’s Antimicrobial and Disinfectant‐ready models of mobile computers and hand held scanners will sustain the increased demands of sanitation.




Leverage wireless charging technology to maintain product reliability despite increased cleaning frequency

Companies are all called upon to pay extra attention to cleaning devices and surfaces, especially those with higher human exposure. Wireless charging addresses the number‐one failure point of all cordless devices: oxidized charging contacts. With increased frequency of cleanings and the use of harsh chemicals, charging contacts can deteriorate over time. Additionally, contacts can be receptacles for dust accumulation and microbial growth; wireless induction charging eliminates this risk. Datalogic has implemented wireless charging technology in key solutions, such as the Gryphon hand held scanners, Joya Touch, and Memor 10 and 20 mobile computers, resulting in greater reliability, longer device lifetime, and a lower total cost of ownership.

Learn how industries like Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics and Healthcare are able to leverage the specific antimicrobial and disinfectant ready Devices from Datalogic for safer and more efficient working environments.

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