Hands-free solutions for safer logistic environments - Datalogic

How image-based barcode readers can protect operators

How to guarantee safe logistic environments in a new global scenario affecting market sectors and their value chains

Since less than 10% of the distribution centers are fully automated, most of the activities are still manually done.

A clever solution for operators - that also increases productivity of order fulfillment - is hands-free scanning for Stock Keeping Unit identification and process tracking.

how image-based bar code readers can:

  • Protect operators
  • Allow them to fully focus on order creation
  • Improve business processes
  • Reduce downtime and maintenance operations


Meeting all these critical delivery expectations, at a time all operations are under stress conditions, is a great challenge faced by a vast majority of operators. Productivity needs to face increasing volumes, like the double-digits growth in e-commerce, while providing a healthy and safe environment to employees.


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