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Press Releases

Press Releases

Blade Series - Cutting Edge Traceability for the Packaging and Intralogistics Industries

BolognaDecember 14 – 2023. Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets, is thrilled to announce the launch of the brand-new Blade Series of compact industrial 1D readers designed for lean integration, simple installation, and reduced maintenance. Blade Series, comprising Blade 100 and Blade 200, marks the long-anticipated update of the best-selling DS2X00 series of laser-based readers. Blade opens new avenues for logistics, fulfillment, and distribution centers, empowering retailers to evolve into Omnichannel providers.

The last few years have given rise to explosive growth in e-commerce, impacting logistics, fulfillment, and distribution centers. Added to this is the ever-increasing rise for greater traceability across the entire value chain. 1D barcode scanners are an integral part of traceability applications in OEM, Factory, and Warehousing Operations. High-volume manufacturing operations typically in the Pharma and Food and Beverage industries rely on technology that aids fast throughput on a continuous basis. As a result, every barcode must be read on a single pass and without failure or the need for rereads. Blade utilizes imager technology, with no moving parts, giving rise to greater reliability and consistent reading performance on barcodes in any condition. 

Blade replaces the scanning laser technology found in legacy readers with a solid-state 1920x128 pixel camera sensor and groundbreaking lighting system. The series revolutionizes 1D decoding and easily addresses challenges associated when trying to read damaged, discolored, low-quality, or worn-out labels. Productivity is thereby enhanced, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.

Blade retains the same compact form factor of legacy DS2XXX models, allowing for a fast and hassle-free upgrade process. Traceability in intralogistics relies heavily on installing and maintaining a multitude of devices. Datalogic has simplified the setup and management of Blade thanks to the included DL.Code configuration software, offering businesses unparalleled ease of use without the worry of production stoppages. With only two models to choose from – Blade 100 or Blade 200 – businesses can select the desired performance level. Built-in adjustable focus and a comprehensive range of industrial connectivity options guarantee a faster return on investment compared to previous models.

Blade epitomizes the latest generation of compact industrial 1D readers, promising unparalleled reading performance. The user-friendly experience facilitates easy setup and integration into existing installations. Paired with lower maintenance costs due to its solid-state build, Blade stands as the epitome of ultimate ROI and unmatched TCO in industries where cutting-edge traceability is the driving force.

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