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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic (Star: DAL.MI): group’s new organisational structure now operational with creation of three new operating divisions

Bologna, 29 March 2007
- Datalogic SpA, a company listed in the TechSTAR segment of the Milan Bourse and active in the design, production and distribution of barcode reader systems and RFID (radio frequency identification devices) - announces that today, following the spin-off of some operating branches of the parent company Datalogic SpA ("parent company") to newcos wholly owned by the parent company, the new organisation of the Datalogic Group ("Group") has now become operational.

It is recalled that the reorganisation project, approved in terms of its general approach by the Board of Directors on 11 December 2006, meets the need to maximise synergy (technology, production, and distribution) between the business units in which the Group was structured, also in the light of Datalogic's acquisition of the US corporation PSC Inc.

The Group has therefore set up four new companies and spun off to the latter, via a similar number of capital increases, effective as from 2 April 2007, the business branches as described below:

• Datalogic Scanning Group Srl has received as a capital contribution from the parent company the "Scanning" business branch. This branch includes the Handheld Readers business unit; the 100% equity interest in PSC Holding Inc., which in turn wholly owns the shares of the operating company PSC Inc. and of its subsidiaries; and the 100% equity interest in Datalogic Slovakia Sro.

• Datalogic Automation Srl has received as a capital contribution from the parent company the "Automation" business branch. The latter includes the Unattended Scanning Systems (fixed scanners for the industrial market) business unit; the 100% equity interest in the company Laservall SpA, active in the field of laser marking systems; and the 100% equity interest in the company EMS Inc., active in the RFID segment, and of the following companies: Datalogic France, Datalogic Gmbh, Datalogic BV, Datalogic Gmbh (Austria), Datalogic Pty, Datalogic UK, Datalogic Inc., Datalogic Iberia, Datalogic Holding AB,  Datalogic AB, and Idec Datalogic (Japan - 50% owned), all of which currently perform distribution and technical support activities.

• Datalogic Mobile Srl has received as a capital contribution from the parent company the "Mobile" business branch. This branch includes the Mobile Computers business unit, which will also consolidate the results of the US newco Datalogic Mobile Inc. to which PSC Inc., in turn, has spun off its Mobile & Wireless business unit.

• Datalogic Shared Services Srl has received as a capital contribution from the parent company the Shared Services business branch. The latter includes all activities relating to management and provision of support services for Group companies (i.e. information systems management, personnel management & administration, administration, finance, and control, and property management).

All the new companies have their registered and administrative offices in Italy.

The American activities, Wasp and Systems ID, for which Informatics Inc. (90% owned by the parent company) is responsible, and the Italian activities related to Enterprise Business Solutions will continue their development directly answering to the CEO.

Datalogic SpA, based in Bologna, Italy, will have the task of defining the strategic orientation and of assuring the activities of direction, co-ordination and control for the Group and its companies.

The estimated value of equity as at 2 April 2007 of the four new companies is as follows:

• Datalogic Scanning Group S.r.l. € 91.016.821

• Datalogic Automation S.r.l. € 31.443.982

• Datalogic Mobile S.r.l. € 14.425.946

• Datalogic Shared Services S.r.l. € 2.330.266

Having said all this, it is pointed out that the transactions illustrated above will not have any effect - as regards income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow - on the consolidated accounts of the group headed by Datalogic SpA, as they merely redesign the internal organisational structure.

Lastly, these transactions - which come into the category of "related-party transactions" - will have no effects on the safeguarding of corporate assets or on the thoroughness and completeness of information, including that of an accounting nature, which will be provided by the parent company also on behalf of its subsidiaries.

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