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Press Releases

Press Releases

DATALOGIC (Star: DAL.MI) - Preliminary sales revenue at 116 million Euro, +10.4% compared to the first quarter 2011

Bologna, 20th April 2012 – Datalogic S.p.A. (“Datalogic”), a Company listed on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange(Borsa Italiana S.p.A.: DAL) and leader in the market of bar code readers, data collection mobile computers, RFID and vision systems, announced today its preliminary revenues for the first quarter of 2012.

Mauro Sacchetto, Datalogic Group CEO, commented: ”2012 has commenced with an increase in results for Datalogic Group, thanks also to the progressive consolidation of the two recently acquired American companies, PPT Vision e Accu-Sort Systems.
Revenue trend has been positive in general, despite a slackening in January due mainly to a slow start to economy at an international level which had a certain impact on the Industrial Automation Division. In this first quarter we also re-organized the Group which now, for the first time, manages business per relevant market - Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation – and not per product and we have also started to see the benefits of the enhancement of the facilities in Vietnam.
Thanks to these strategic projects and to the positive trend of the second part of the first quarter, we are confident in a positive development of the current business year in order to achieve the goals we have set”. 

Preliminary sales revenues for the first quarter of 2012 came in at € 116 million, with a growth of 10.4% y/y (+8.3% at constant Euro/Dollar exchange rates), compared to € 105 million achieved in the first quarter of 2011. These results include Accu-Sort Systems Inc, acquired and consolidated as of January, 20th of this year, andPPT Vision Inc., for a total amount of € 9.7 million.

The order book performance – i.e. orders already received, including those of the newly acquired companies  – was particularly positive, with the total rising to € 135 million during the 1st quarter of the year (+26% compared to the first quarter 2011 and +36% vs. the fourth quarter 2011).

The Group’s new structure, effective as of 1st January 2012, is now organized per relevant market, a necessary step in order to provide integrated solutions at a global level. Therefore, the Group is now structured as follows:

• Automatic Data Capture (ADC)
Division - including Datalogic Scanning, Datalogic Mobile, Enterprise Business Solutions and Evolution Robotics Retail Inc.;

• Industrial Automation Division –
including Datalogic Automation and the newly acquired Accu-Sort Systems Inc. and PPT Vision Inc.;

• Informatics. 

Consequently, as of the first quarter 2012, the Group’s segment reporting will be provided on the basis of the above mentioned organizational structure.

The ADC (Automatic Data Capture) Division specialized in fixed barcode readers for the retail market, handheld scanners and mobile computers for professional use, recorded sales revenues of € 73.5 in line with the first quarter of 2011 (€ 73.3 million).

The Datalogic Industrial Automation Division, which specialized in the production of automatic identification systems, safety, detection and marking solution for the Industrial Automation market , recorded sales revenues of € 32.9 million (€ 24.4 million in the first quarter of 2011), thanks to the consolidation of Accu-Sort Systems Inc. and PPT Vision Inc. that contributed for € 9.8 million.

Informatics achieved a growth of +31.6% with sales of over € 9.6 million compared to € 7.3 million in the first quarter of 2011.

The Group’s results for the first quarter of 2012 will be approved by Datalogic S.p.A’s Board of Directors on May 14th, 2012. 

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