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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic (Star: dal.mi): Shareholders approve the financial statements for year ending on 31 December 2008

- Sales revenues of € 379.8 million (-6% vs. € 404 million at 31st December 2007).
- EBITDA of € 47.8 million (-4.7% vs.  the same period of previous year); EBITANR of € 35.3 million (down by 6.5% in comparison to 31st December 2007).
- Net profit of € 17.8 million (-1% vs. 31st December 2007).
- Appointed the new Board of Directors for the period 2009-2011.
- Dividend of € 0.035 per share (coupon detachment on May 4th and payment on May 7th 2009).
- Board of Directors authorised to undertake share buybacks.

Bologna 21 April 2009 -  Today the Annual General Meeting of Datalogic shareholders approved financial statements for the financial year ending on 31 December 2008 and passed a resolution authorising distribution of a dividend of € 0.035 per share.

The dividend envisages coupon (no. 3) detachment on 4th May and payment as from 7th May 2009.

For the whole of 2008 Datalogic Group achieved consolidated revenues of € 379.8 mn (€ 404 mn as of 31 Dec. 2007); EBITDA of € 47.8 mn (down by 4.7% vs € 50 mn at 31st December 2007) and EBITANR* of € 35.3 mn (€ 37.8 mn for the same period in the previous year).

Consolidated net profit of € 17.8 mn (-1% vs € 18.1 mn at 31 December 2007).

At 31st December 2008, the net financial position of Datalogic was negative by € 107 mn, an increase in comparison to its position at 31st December 2007 (negative by € 62.5 mn), mainly due to the acquisition of Datasensor S.p.A.

During the AGM, the new Company's Board of Directors has been appointed that they will hold its office until the adoption of the balance sheet as of December 31st 2011: Romano Volta (Datalogic's President), Mauro Sacchetto, Roberto Tunioli, Pier Paolo Caruso, Gabriele Volta, Valentina Volta, Angelo Manaresi (independent Director), Gianluca Cristofori (independent Director), Elserino Piol, Luigi Di Stefano (independent Director), John O'Brien, Giovanni Tamburi e Lodovico Floriani.

All the appointed Directors were taken from the sole list submitted by the majority shareholder Hydra S.p.A. Curricula vitae of the members are available at the Headquarter as well as on the Company's web site.

Shareholders also authorised the Board of Director to make transactions for the sale and purchase of treasury shares. Buyback operations are motivated by Datalogic' desire to act as a stabiliser, thus improving the stock's liquidity.

More specifically, this authorisation was granted for the purchase and transfer of up to a maximum of 5,800,000 Datalogic S.p.A. ordinary shares - equal to 9.9% of the capital stock - for the period intervening between today and the date of call of the meeting for the adoption of the 2009 balance-sheet, i.e. 18 months. According to the approved plan, the purchase price of each ordinary share will range between a face value of € 2 and € 20.

The new Board of Directors was held today, after the AGM, and appointed Mauro Sacchetto to the office of Chief Executive Officer and also renewed the members of the Committees, as indicated below:

- Compensation Committee
: Roberto Tunioli (President), Elserino Piol and Angelo Manaresi.
- Internal Control Committee: Gianluca Cristofori (President), Pier Paolo Caruso and Angelo Manaresi.

Lastly, the Issuer's financial instruments owned by BoD members are shown below:

  Type of ownership     Number of shares
Romano Volta   Direct     589,160
  Indirect via Hydra S.p.A.    
Roberto Tunioli   Direct     71,000
Angelo Manaresi   Direct     6,240



The manager responsible for preparing the company's financial reports - Dott. Marco Rondelli - declares, pursuant to paragraph 2 of Art. 154-bis of the Testo Unico della Finanza, that the accounting information contained in this press release corresponds to the document results, books and accounting records.


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