Press Releases

Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic: +28% growth in sales revenues in the first half of 2005 to € 86.7 million, +34% growth in second quarter to € 47.1 million

Bologna, 11th July 2005
- Consolidated sales revenues of € 86.7 million in the 1st half of 2005 (1H05), with growth of +28% vs. € 67.4 million in 1H04.

In the second quarter (2Q05) revenues rose to € 47.1 million, growing by +34% vs. € 35.1 million in 2Q04.

The Group's consolidation area has changed since 2004, because 2005 revenues also include the sales both of the Laservall company, consolidated as from 3Q04, and of the US company Informatics, acquired and consolidated as from March 2005.

These are the preliminary revenue figures for 1H05 of Datalogic, a company listed in the TechStar segment (high-growth companies with innovative business models or high-tech products/processes) of the Milan Bourse and active in the design, production and distribution of barcode reader and RFID (radio frequency identification) systems.

The performance of booking - i.e. orders already received - was particularly positive, with the order book rising to € 94.5 mn during 1H05, with growth of +43% vs. 1H04.

The major growth of its order book enables Datalogic to have positive year-end growth expectations in a perspective of business and market expansion.

The Board of Directors' meeting for approval of 1H05 figures has been postponed to September 22nd 2005 from the date of August 29th previously established in the corporate events calendar, consistently with the CONSOB (Italian securities & exchange commission) resolution n. 14490 dated 14/04/2005.

 "The recent acquisitions " - stated Roberto Tunioli, the company's CEO - "are bringing about significant contributions to the development in both turnover and expected profit".

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