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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic and Datasensing at SPS Nuremberg 2023: Cutting-edge intralogistics solutions

Datalogic, a global technology leader in the automatic data capture and industrial automation markets, and Datasensing, a specialist in sensors, safety, and machine vision, are pleased to present at SPS 2023 their solutions that integrate barcode reading and safety technology to support your supply chain and intralogistics applications.

Intralogistics completes the Manufacturing Process with applications such as the end of line packaging, palletizing, robotics, automated warehousing for pallets and crates, vertical storage carousels, Automated Guided Vehicles, and much more.

Witness the incredible power of our cutting-edge products and technologies at our booth. From 14th to 16th November at Messe Nürnberg in Hall 7A, Booth 110 visitors will discover innovative solutions from Datalogic and Datasensing that guide companies through their digital journey.

Any enterprise processing or selling goods needs to maintain its warehouse, regardless of size, managing the two-way flow of goods.

A mobile computer allows the scanning of items, adding quantity, location, and other relevant information, loading them into the WMS (Warehouse Management System) database, and updating and tracking them in real-time. The Skorpio™ X5 embodies what modern mobile computing should be: powerful, ergonomic, and designed for the rigors of a warehouse. Its rugged layout guarantees durability, while its intuitive interface enables workers to perform tasks with minimal training. This reduces downtime and enhances worker efficiency. The Skorpio™ X5 XLR model offers unparalleled 2D high-performance imaging for short or long ranges, perfect for any application where the same device needs to seamlessly switch between reading codes from very close proximity, all the way up to 20 m.

Meanwhile, the Memor™ 11 provides the best a rugged PDA can offer, including a bright 5-inch touch display to enhance the user experience. When paired with the UHF RFID Sled it allows efficient collection of large volumes of information. Together with HandScanner™, it enables hands-free reading in scan-intensive applications or when users require the use of their hands for other tasks. For customers, this versatility translates into flexibility, efficiency, and a significant boost to productivity.

In intralogistics, the PowerScan™ 9600 handheld scanner is unrivaled. Its rugged design ensures it can withstand heavy use, while its advanced scanning technology offers swift and accurate barcode capture. The result is shorter wait times, fewer errors, and a smoother flow of goods. Companies gain greater efficiency, lower operating costs, and improve their bottom line.

The cordless model features Datalogic’s wireless charging system, eliminating the need for physical battery contacts, which are the key point of failure for devices used in industrial environments. The new PowerScan 9600 AR provides efficiency and precision in extended-range scanning.

Autonomous mobile robots are basically manipulator robots mounted on self-driving vehicles that can move autonomously and freely in work areas, with the ability to adapt to new routes or tasks readily. These robots can transport materials from one place to another, perform moving work, or even interact with people to receive or provide materials or information.


At our booth, visitors will find an AMR provided by Infosolution ( It uses the Lidar LGS-N50, the new family of miniaturized LGS Navigation Lidars, for sensing and mapping its surrounding environment with a field of view of 360° and, with the support of the Moliris navigation system, it decides the best trajectory from start to finish that avoids any hazardous obstacles en-route.

The vehicle is also assisted by the LGS-N25 Lidar device, providing secondary functions such as step detection and slope measurement for traversing uneven surfaces. An SLS Safety Laser scanner is also installed on the demo as a safety sensor, programmed to see the safety detection function on the display.


The countdown to SPS Germany 2023 is running, and we look forward to meeting with you from 14th to 16th of November in Messe Nürnberg Hall 7A Stand 110 to discuss tailored solutions for your specific needs.

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