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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic announces the new Gryphon 4500 Fixed Series of scan modules. Easy, Fast and Built to Last

Fixed scanners that will revolutionize the self-service and check-in processes, with unbeatable performance, next-level durability, and an incredible 5-year warranty


Bologna, July 6th, 2023. Datalogic is excited to announce the new Gryphon 4500 Fixed Series. This device is designed to work across a host of self-service applications in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation & logistics. It offers superior technological performance and ruggedness yet retains a small form factor for easy integration into kiosks, information points, self-check-in, and access control.

Presented in two versions, the GFS4500 model is complete with external housing, suitable for all the applications mentioned above, ready to use with minimal effort, and easy to mount from any side, thanks to various fixing points. Then there is the ‘naked’ version, GFE4500, ideal for more customized or tailor-made integrated solutions.

A rugged design, inside and out, is the key to the longevity of the GFS4500 scan modules. With installations also expected in outdoor locations, the device features a rugged housing with IP54 sealing, a UV-protected scratch-resistant window, and great resilience to temperature fluctuations and accidental knocks, bumps, or vibrations. Datalogic provides each unit with a class-leading 5-year factory warranty.

The Gryphon 4500 Fixed Series exploits a highly advanced Megapixel sensor combined with wide-angle optics and distinctive red or white illumination technology with adjustable brightness to satisfy a wide range of reading applications. Able to scan any 1D and 2D barcodes, the Gryphon 4500 Fixed Series rapidly and successfully reads any labels, even fast-moving ones, regardless of code orientation or proximity. The built-in sophisticated decoding algorithms and the fast microprocessor empower the snappy reading of item barcodes, loyalty cards, and coupons from any media type, including smartphone displays.

The in-built connectivity supports both USB and RS-232 communication to allow interfacing with a variety of hosts. The USB-only GFS4500 version comes with a standard micro-USB connector, coupled with a rugged locking clip to prevent the cable from coming loose or disconnecting, whilst the other versions rely on an integrated cable. Successful reads are accompanied by a loud, audible beep and the famous Green Spot that Datalogic users love.

The Gryphon 4500 Fixed Series provides a powerful, versatile, and long-lasting solution to new and existing scanning applications where space is limited and reading at first pass is a must.

The Gryphon 4500 Fixed Series is easy, fast and built to last.

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