Press Releases

Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic Automation (Datalogic Group - DAL.MI): additional order received (total value approximately 5.5 million Euro)

Bologna, 7 August 2007

- Datalogic Automation, through its affiliate company Laservall S.p.A., has received an additional order worth about 5.5 million Euro to supply 210 laser marking systems to the Spanish government for the production of new anti-forgery electronic ID cards.

Some weeks ago, a first lot of 118 laser marking systems was ordered, for a total value of over 3 million Euro.

We would like to point out that the agreement, signed at the end of July 2007, covers the D.N.I. project (Documento National Identificacion) commissioned by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, to a team of a companies, made up of Telvent GIT S.A. (Nasdaq TLVT), main contractor, Laservall S.p.A, Ixla S.a. (distribution partner of Laservall) and Datacard (American company leader in credit card and automatic document personalisation systems).

"The DNI project is a further achievement of which we are very proud of", stated Guglielmo Piazzi, General Manager of Datalogic Automation. "This is the most significant result of the considerable technology investment by our company to supply innovative solutions in the field of personal identification and security. We are confident that our solution will be adopted for similar applications world-wide in the near future".

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