Press Releases

Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic launches the Global ISV Partner Program

Bologna, March 1st, 2023. Datalogic announces the launch of the Global Datalogic Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner Program for mobile computers, as a strategic component of the Datalogic Advantage Partner Program.

Datalogic recognizes the expertise and unique value of Independent Software Vendors. The Partner Program is designed to foster and grow partnerships with the ISV community through marketing, sales, and technical support programs, resulting in increased market penetration.

The Partner Program provides several benefits to ISVs:

  • expands their field coverage by leveraging Datalogic’s extensive reseller partner network;
  • increases their lead generation campaigns, visibility, and brand awareness with marketing funds;
  • provides immediate support with free demo units for application certification and customer demonstration;
  • offers an enhanced Referral Reward Program to reward ISVs for registering and supporting new customer business opportunities to win;
  • provides accelerated software development and the deployment by leveraging Datalogic’s powerful Android™ ecosystem.


“The new Partner Program helps ISVs bring innovative software solutions to market when integrated with our mobile computers. Collaboration with ISVs will empower Datalogic to provide solutions that will hugely improve supply chain efficiency and traceability, in the retail, manufacturing, and transportation & logistics industries,” says Luigi Frison, Global ISV Partner Director at Datalogic.

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