Press Releases

Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic: sales revenues of € 95 million as up to 31 March 2006 (€ 36.6 million in 1st quarter of 2005)

Bologna, 12th April 2006 - The Group's consolidation area has changed since 2005. 2006 revenues in fact include sales of the US corporation PSC, acquired at the end of last year and consolidated as from December 2005. In addition Informatics, the other acquisition, completed in March 2005, was consolidated as from the 2nd quarter of 2005.

Even without PSC, whose revenues as up to 31 March 2006 amounted to over € 44 mn, Datalogic's revenues would have grown by 39% to € 51 mn.

Based on comparable consolidation, Datalogic's sales in 1Q06 totalled € 42.6 mn, with growth of 16% YoY driven by the good performance both of the Data Capture Division (1Q06 sales, net of PSC, of € 32.4 mn, with growth of 9% vs. 1Q05) and of the Business Development Division (€ 10.2 mn as up to 31 March 2006, with growth of 40% over 31 March 2005).

These are the preliminary revenue figures for the quarter that has just ended of Datalogic, a company listed in the TechStar segment of the Milan Bourse and active in the design, production and distribution of barcode reader systems and RFID (radio frequency identification devices).

The meeting of the Board of Directors for approval of 1Q06 figures has been scheduled for 15 May 2005.

 "We are particularly pleased with these results" - commented Roberto Tunioli, Datalogic's CEO - "because, against the background of the major process of integration with PSC, which will continue for quite some time, sales-wise the Datalogic group is receiving confirmation from its traditional markets, particularly as regards the Data Capture Division".

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