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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic: Shareholders approve financial statements for FY2004

Net profit growing to € 11.3 million (+57.2% vs. € 7.2 million in 2003), consolidated revenues of € 148.2 million (+12.7% vs. € 131.5 million in 2003) and EBITDA of € 27.7 million (+30% vs. € 21.3 million in 2003).

Dividend of € 1.22 per share, of which € 1.00 extraordinary (2003 dividend = € 0.18).

Board of Directors authorised to undertake buy-back operations.

Bologna, 28th April 2005 - Today the Annual General Meeting of shareholders of Datalogic - a company listed in the TechSTAR segment of the Milan Bourse and active in the design, production and distribution of barcode reader systems, RFID (radio frequency identification) systems, and laser marking – approved financial statements for the year ending on December 31st 2004 and passed a resolution authorising distribution of a total dividend of € 1.22 per share.

The dividend – which for 2003 was € 18 cents per share – features the following composition: € 22 cents of ordinary dividend (with coupon detachment on May 2nd and payment as from May 5th 2005) and € 1.00 of extraordinary dividend (with coupon detachment on October 17th and payment as from October 20th 2005).

 “The significant remuneration for our shareholders” – stated Roberto Tunioli, Datalogic’s CEO – “ is the concrete result of business growth and development efforts, successfully undertaken thanks to management’s commitment and capability and in any case in unity of intent with shareholders. It repays the trust of those who have believed in the company’s development over the years”.

In 2004 consolidated net profit rose from € 7.2 to € 11.3 million, increasing by 57.2% YoY, whilst revenues grew by 12.7%, rising to € 148.2 mn (vs. € 131.5 mn as at December 31st 2003).

EBITDA totalled € 27.7 mn (+30% vs. € 21.3 mn in 2003), whilst the net financial position was positive by € 45.2 million, improving by € +5.7 mn vs. the previous year-end (€ 39.5 mn).

During 2004 Datalogic also paid particularly tangible attention to new-product development and to enhancing the efficiency of its main industrial and operating processes. Investments in R&D activities totalled € 10.9 mn (7.4% on revenues), whilst production was started up at the new Quinto di Treviso factory and a project was launched to review distribution logistics.

In addition, shareholders also authorised the Board of Directors to buy and dispose of own shares. Buy-back operations are motivated by Datalogic’s desire to act as a stabiliser, thus improving the stock’s liquidity, and to foster the possible entry of new institutional investors.

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