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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic showcases its ATR solution at Passenger Terminal Expo 2024

Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and industrial automation markets, is thrilled to showcase its cutting-edge solutions at Passenger Terminal Expo 2024. Taking place at Messe Frankfurt Venue in Germany from April 16-18, this premier industry event stands as the world's largest annual exhibition dedicated to airport design and operations, attracting key decision-makers from across the globe.

Spanning over 25,000 m2, this free-to-attend event offers a unique opportunity for attendees to explore the latest and greatest products, services, and technologies. With over 300 exhibitors, showcase highlights will include the latest innovations and solutions aimed at enhancing efficiency, safety, and the passenger experience at airports around the world.

As a member of Air Tech Italy, the leading Trade Association representing Italian companies specializing in supplying products, technologies, and services to airports, civil aviation authorities, and air navigation service providers, Datalogic will be located in Hall 6.1 - Stand B31 in the Italian Pavilion.

Datalogic is ready to assist airlines and airports in addressing baggage traceability gaps by providing comprehensive solutions compliant with IATA standards. In addition to handheld scannersfor baggage check-in and mobile computers for baggage reconciliation, Datalogic offers baggage tracking solutions on automated belts using stationary industrialbarcode reading technology.

These solutions are not only easy to implement but are also highly customizable to meet any material handling requirements. Specifically, at Passenger Terminal Expo, Datalogic will showcase its ATR solution (Automatic Tag Reader), a high-performance solution in baggage tracking & sortation applications, addressing the demanding requirements of airport applications. These typically demand high throughput, maximum reliability, and easy maintenance.

Datalogic ATR provides the simplicity of a standard solution combined with very high performance, thanks to the incorporation of best-in-class barcode readers. Continuous, uninterrupted operation is provided by the Datalogic Redundant System (REDS). REDS rapidly responds to any system failure and automatically activates the backup hardware.

All products are designed to minimize any on-site maintenance activities and, in the case of a failure, provide a complete automatic backup without the requirement for external interaction.

Datalogic’s proposed ATR solution at Passenger Terminal Expo will feature the following integrated products and technologies:

  • The AV500 barcode reader, an innovative 2D image-based reader that sets a new paradigm for any logistics applications that contain high-speed conveyor systems of all sizes, airport baggage handling systems, and static reading applications. The AV500 reader sets a new optical standard for unattended data capture solutions thanks to its high-resolution 5 MP sensor, that provides image acquisition at 32 frames per second, dynamic or adjustable focus, and multiple lens options.
  • Imager-based barcode readers providing the highest level of performance, even on damaged or dirty labels. The camera technology also provides value-added image-based functionality such as support for OCR and Videocoding.
  • The Volume Dimensioner DM3610, used to determine whether baggage should continue along the material handling system, be diverted for special handing, and ensure the scanned baggage fits within the supported dimensions of the EDS system.
  • The Matrix™ 320 series facilitates enhanced traceability applications. Built on a multi-core platform, it delivers unrivalled reading speed for the most challenging jobs. The ability to read damaged labels and codes makes this fixed-mount barcode scanner the perfect solution for high-speed baggage tracking.
  • The Gryphon 4500 imager, Datalogic’s well-known handheld scanner, is used to manage manual activities.  For example, when at check-in desks, the agent validates flyers’ passport, documents, and tickets, then registers the luggage by applying a barcode label. After this the agent scans the barcode label using a Datalogic handheld reader that is integrated into the check-in desk and provides a quick and efficient scan and validation of the luggage label.


Datalogic also offers the right technology for effective baggage reconciliation, with activities performed at baggage claim locations using Datalogic Mobile Computers such as the new Memor 3X series of PDAs. Featuring next-generation technologies such as 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, and CBRS (U.S. only), the new series of devices promise fast and reliable connectivity, durability and future-proofing. The large, bright, and high-resolution 6” display is ideal for logistics operations, ensuring optimal display visibility for reading incoming and departing flight data.

The complete solution will be showcased at PTE and provides an unmissable opportunity for key members of the airport industry to experience the next generation of best-in-class products and services from Datalogic.

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