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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic showcases latest technologies at CHINASHOP 2023

Chongqing, April 18th, 2023. Datalogic is proud to participate in CHINASHOP 2023. The exhibition is organized by China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA), founded in 1997, and the official body for the retail and franchise industry in China. It will be held at the CHONGQING INTERNATIONAL EXPO CENTER on April 19-21, 2023 and will bring together all international and local market leaders, as well as experts from universities and institutions.

Datalogic will present its latest products, technologies, and solutions in identification, fixed retail scanners, handheld scanners, and mobile computers, confirming its leading role in providing data-driven solutions for the retail industry.

The exhibition will feature extensive live demonstrations of various products and solutions for checkout POS, store automation, and warehousing. Visitors can find Datalogic at Hall N8 booth N8052.


Checkout POS

Datalogic offers a comprehensive line of technology solutions to support different configuration needs at the checkout. It includes 100% digital imaging scanners, automated scanning portals, presentation scanners, handheld scanners, self-shopping systems, and mobile POS.

The Magellan™ 9600i unveils a new look, durable design, industry-leading scanning performance, and new options to enable Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the checkout. Customers can customize a solution to best meet their assisted and self-checkout needs with three chassis lengths and multiple checkstand mounts.

Magellan 34xxVSi:On-counter, vertical, single-plane readers with embedded imaging technology.Datalogic’s innovative Magellan 3410VSi and 3450VSi on-counter scanners are easy to use and bring best-in-class benefits to your operations. While identical in appearance, these products offer different levels of performance to meet all your needs. The Magellan 3410VSi is an entry level imaging scanner that offers powerful performance at an attractive price. The high-end Magellan 3450VSi has the best scanning performance of any single-plane scanner on the market. These scanners work well in a variety of applications, including retail point-of-sale, pharmacy, pharmaceutical verification, and hands-free component verification. The extra-large reading area and sweep scanning provide fast and easy reading of a wide variety of barcodes and other sources. The Magellan 3410VSi and 3450VSi bring greater efficiency to your business.

Magellan 1500i: A high-performance presentation scanner from Datalogic for a variety of applications, including retail point-of-sale, pharmacy, and customer service. The addition of Digimarc® barcodes watermark decoding makes this scanner uniquely powerful in the presentation category.

QuickScan™ 2200 Series 1D barcode scanner: This is the entry-level corded barcode reader with optimal "first time, every time" scanning performance. Easy to configure and use, this extra-rugged 1D barcode scanner is lightweight and well-balanced for full-shift, non-stop, trouble-free operation. It is comfortable in the hand and on the operator's eyes, with soft and adjustable brightness. The QuickScan 2200 1D barcode scanner will prove to be the best long-term choice by reducing no reads and misreads, downtime, and service costs. 

QuickScan 2500 Series: Superior performance at an affordable price. The Datalogic QuickScan 2500 imager is an entry-level corded handheld 2D scanner that punches well above its weight when it comes to performance. It effortlessly reads a full range of barcodes, whether they are damaged, difficult to read, or poorly printed. In addition, with today’s Covid security features, the QuickScan 2500 imager is optimized to read perfectly through plexiglass barriers.


Store automation

Store associate’s engagement with customers is the key to delivering remarkable customer experiences, and guarantee repeat visits. To support store associates, Datalogic offers a wide range of technologies needed to perform retail functions such as price checking, markdowns, inventory searches, mobile POS, multimedia product demonstrations, online product comparisons, and omnichannel fulfillment.

Memor™ 11: With an updated operating system and enhanced processing capabilities, the Memor 11 family delivers superior scanning performance and all-around efficiency. It is the perfect solution for those needing versatility for in-store retail operations and inventory management, inbound/outbound warehouse logistics, manufacturing traceability and quality control, and transportation and logistics applications. The Memor 11 family comfortably surpasses all requirements.

Skorpio™ X5 XLR: The Skorpio X5 XLR offers a choice of linear imagers, standard 2D imagers, mid-range imagers, and the unmatched 2D near-far high performance extra-long range (XLR) imager. The innovative extra-long range imager is perfect for any applications where the same device needs to seamlessly read codes at different distances, up to 20 m. Pickers on forklifts can remain seated during warehouse operations.


Distribution Center & Warehouse

Inventory management plays a key role in delivering an exceptional customer experience. Retailers rely on Datalogic solutions to implement best practices, optimize product delivery from multiple inventory locations across the enterprise, and track items for effective and efficient retail inventory management.

AV900: High performance industrial 9 MP 2D camera for T&L applications.The AV900 high-performance industrial imager is a highly capable and far superior camera for transportation and logistics applications. It features a 9 MP CMOS area sensor that expands the capabilities of Datalogic’s well-known line of stationary industrial scanners. It sets a high bar for 2D image-based readers on all conveyor sizes, airport baggage handling systems as well as for static reading applications. In addition to its high resolution capabilities, you can choose from a variety of optics and set up either dynamic or software adjustable focus to tailor performance to your needs. Expanded capabilities means expanded possibilities. An even wider range of applications is at your fingertips. With the AV900, the sky is the limit.

PowerScan™ 9600 Series: When maximum flexibility meets extreme reliability. The 9600 is the top-of-the-line industrial handheld scanner in Datalogic’s best-selling PowerScan Series, designed to help you achieve your traceability goals. Getting full traceability in manufacturing, intralogistics, and retail environments is a top priority for companies today to meet consumer delivery demands.


Customers are invited to visit Datalogic at Hall N8 booth N8052 to speak with our application engineers, product managers, sales executives, and other senior managers. 

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