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Press Releases

Magellan 900i - Powerful scanning in the palm of your hand

Magellan 900i is the newest powerful presentation scanner for a wide variety of applications for the Retail, Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics, and Manufacturing Industries


Bologna, May 20th – 2024. Datalogic is thrilled to announce the imminent launch of the brand-new Magellan™ 900i scanner, an extremely adaptable imaging-based entry-level model that will supersede the GPS44XX series and will bring powerful performance to the palm of the user’s hand. Datalogic has been pioneering imaging technology for over 15 years and the new Magellan 900i will pack proven high-performance reading capabilities on 1D and 2D barcodes, especially when displayed on smartphone screens. Its adaptability makes it an ideal solution for various scenarios, including manned checkouts, self-checkouts, and kiosks handling loyalty and payment options.

The Magellan 900i boosts a remarkable 30% increase in scanning performance compared to the GPS44XX, as well as against competitors’ presentation scanners. The expanded Field of View is especially adept at effortlessly reading a multitude of 1D and 2D barcodes from a variety of sources, including laptops, tablets, and smartphone screens. The device excels in reading printed barcodes, even when damaged, dirty, or worn, providing a seamless user experience. Datalogic’s famous Green Spot and audio/visual feedback provide instantaneous indication of a good read. The updated electronics housed within this tiny powerhouse give rise to greater processing efficiency, saving an average of 1 second per transaction with standard checkout and loyalty card scans, contributing to a rapid Return on Investment.

Whether deployed in attended or kiosk applications, the Magellan 900i offers easy installation and configuration, streamlining the customer experience. The device is versatile, with a tilting stand, magnetic mount, and a comprehensive range of RS232 and USB connectivity cables for assisted or self-checkouts. For kiosk applications, a flush face mount makes for an easy, clean installation. Setting up and integrating the device is simplified with the bundled Aladdin software and compatibility with various EAS and POS systems.

The Magellan 900i's ergonomic design, coupled with its solid-state imager and built-in red LED aimer, ensures efficient and user-friendly operation. While the device is rugged with an IP52 rating for protection against everyday rigors, Datalogic offers a range of Ease of Care packages for added peace of mind.

As a frontrunner in cutting-edge imaging products, Datalogic continues its legacy of excellence with the Magellan 900i. This entry-level scanner redefines expectations, offering exceptionally versatile scanning performance in a compact form factor.

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