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Press Releases

Press Releases

Pietro Todescato appointed Director following the resignation of Giovanni Tamburi

Bologna, 20th March 2014 – The Board of Directors of Datalogic S.p.A. (Borsa Italiana S.p.A.: DAL), a company listed in the STAR Segment of the Italian Stock Exchange managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. (“Datalogic”), having met today, announce that Giovanni Tamburi has resigned from the Company’s Board of Directors, following the sale by Tamburi Investment Partners S.p.A. of its shareholding in Datalogic.

The Board has acknowledged Mr. Tamburi’s decision, and would like to thank him for the contribution he has made to the Group and to the work of the Board of Directors.

Moreover, the Board resolved to appoint by cooptation Pietro Todescato as a director to replace Mr. Tamburi. Pietro Todescato, currently Chief Technology Officer of the Group, has worked for Datalogic Group since 1991, and has spent more than ten years in the US, where he still lives. He has held various roles, not only in R&D but also with responsibility for the management and development of significant portions of the Datalogic business. Before joining Datalogic, Mr. Todescato gained significant experience at Telettra and at Olivetti’s US headquarters in Cupertino.

The Chairman and CEO of Datalogic, Romano Volta, commented: “I am very happy to announce the appointment by the Board of Directors of Pietro Todescato, Chief Technology Officer of the Group, as part of the strategy launched in 2013 to renew our focus on technological development. Mr. Todescato will make an important contribution to the new Board given the high-tech sector in which Datalogic operates, contributing to the future development of the business and emerging technologies. Finally, I would like to thank the outgoing director Giovanni Tamburi for the years he has worked with and supported the company”.

Pietro Todescato’s curriculum vitae is available under the Governance/Other documents section of the company’s website

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