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Press Releases

Press Releases

The Board of Directors gives delegates and appointes the members of the Board Committee, which is also assigned sustainability functions

Bologna, 30th April 2024 – Datalogic S.p.A. (Borsa Italiana S.p.A.: DAL) announces that the Board of Directors, which met today chaired by the Company's Chairman Mr. Romano Volta, at the conclusion of the Shareholders’ Meeting, has confirmed the Company’s governance structure, appointing Valentina Volta, in the position of CEO of Datalogic Group, giving her all executive powers other than that relating to “Real Estate and Facility" area, which shall remain exclusively with the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Furthermore it is hereby specified that Mrs. Volta is granted exclusive powers in relation to the the technical and business areas and all other powers not granted exclusively neither to the Group CEO nor to the Chairman, are attributed to the Group CEO and the Chairman, on a several (not joint) basis.

Based on the available information and the statements made by the directors, the Board has also evaluated that all the directors have the integrity requirements, that causes for their ineligibility and incompatibility do not exist as required by current law and the existence of the requirements of independence, pursuant to the current law and the Code of Corporate Governance, with regard to the independent directors Vera Negri Zamagni, Valentina Beatrice Manfredi, Chiara Giovannucci Orlandi and Angelo Manaresi, appointing the latter Lead Independent Director.

The Board also expanded the functions of the previous endo-consulting committee by assigning it advisory and proposal-making functions on sustainability issues and renaming it the “Control, Risks, Compensation, Nomination and Sustainability Committee”. The Board appointed the following members of the Control, Risks, Compensation, Nomination and Sustainability Committee: Angelo Manaresi as Chairman and Vera Negri Zamagni and Chiara Giovannucci Orlandi as members, all non-executive and independent. The same committee will also be assigned the functions of committee for transactions with related parties provided for by the Company's procedure for transactions with related parties.

The curricula of the directors are available on the website

Lastly, the Board confirmed the members of the Watch Structure pursuant to legislative decree no. 231 of 2001, the Group CFO Alessandro D’Aniello as director responsible for preparing the corporate accounting documents and the Head of Group Corporate Affairs and Compliance Officer Piero Ruggiero as secretary to the Board of Directors.

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