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Press Releases

Press Releases

Waizu joins Datalogic’s ISV Partner Program

Waizu, a well-known provider of solutions to reduce the number of lost and missing mobile devices, including its industry-leading “Device Finder” application, has announced a partnership with Datalogic, a global technology leader in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets.


The Datalogic ISV Partner Program is designed to foster and expand partnerships with its ISV community through joint marketing, sales, and technical support programs, resulting in increased market penetration of Datalogic solutions. The Waizu suite of solutions, including Device Finder, Virtual Smart Cabinet, and the Waizu Device Analytics platform, will be accredited by Datalogic to run on its range of Android™ mobile devices.

Adrian Lawson, Waizu’s Managing Director, said: “Datalogic is a major manufactuer of barcode scanners and mobile computers since 1972. We see this as a strategic partnership to open new market segments for Waizu. It will be great to work with Datalogic’s highly experienced sales team and reseller network to bring the combined benefits of both Waizu solutions’ excellent return on investment and Datalogic’s mobile technology to customers across all verticals”.

Luigi Frison, Datalogic’s Global ISV Partner Director, adds: “The ISV Partner Program enables Waizu to engage with customers on a more strategic level and offer a broader range of solutions that deliver performance and value. By joining the ISV Partner Program, Waizu gains access to Datalogic’s innovative portfolio of technology solutions, as well as comprehensive training, extensive marketing, sales, and technical benefits, that are designed to differentiate, collaborate with, and enhance customer satisfaction”.




Waizu is the UK’s leading provider of the software tools needed to reduce the problem of missing/lost devices and facilitate highly efficient and secure issuance/return of shared devices. Waizu is Japanese for “wise” and offers a software portfolio of Device Finder, Virtual Smart Cabinet, and Device Insights which enables both operations and IT teams to make wise decisions that lead to improved productivity and cost reduction. If you’d like to get “wise” about how you manage shared devices, please contact us.

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