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Success Stories

Success Stories

ABN World Tennis Tournament Wins with Datalogic's QuickScan Imagers - Datalogic

Sports Stores at the 2010 ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament Serve Up an Ace with Datalogic’s QuickScan™ Imagers at the POS


The ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament is regarded as one of the most prestigious sports events in the Netherlands. Since the first ABN tournament in 1974, the tournament has dramatically expanded from 46,000 spectators in 1974 to over 100,000 attendees at the tournament in the last two editions!

As of 2009, the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament has become an ATP-500 event. This means that as the world’s best players are required to participate in a fixed number of tournaments, a higher status will make their attendance more likely because they can receive higher points from this category of tournament. Consequently, this benefits the tournament organizers as well as the spectators.

The Challenge

During the 37th ABN AMRO World Tennis tournament, famous sportswear and sports equipment stores featured their logo around the court, generating demand for branded merchandise. During the tournament, these stores experience unique sales frequencies because most transactions are done during specific peak periods and mostly between matches. As a result, customers expect a quick and efficient shopping experience so they can get in and out without missing a match.

With a greater number of fans attending the tournament, POS requirements at the stores expanded in parallel. To update hardware to match demand, the stores needed reliable, high performing handheld readers at check out stations. This would not only improve productivity of cashiers, but enhance the overall experience for customers with reduced wait times.

More over, the dramatic increase in spectators required additional employees to help during the ABN AMRO tournament. With this in mind, the stores needed handheld readers with easy to use, intuitive features to ensure new employees were productive with little to no cashier training. Aside from handheld readers, the stores needed to be fully equipped with a complete POS system, which included various hardware such as cash drawers and printers.

The Solution

POS Line and its partner Vendit were chosen to select and install the POS hardware for these stores. POS Line is a major Casio POS systems reseller in the Netherlands, with extensive retail experience.

After testing different solutions, POS Line and Vendit selected Datalogic’s QuickScan™ I QD2100 handheld readers for the POS systems at these stores because the device perfectly fulfilled the requirements of the tournament.

Featuring linear imaging technology, the QuickScan QD2100 reader offers snappy performance, even when reading poor quality labels or damaged codes. This was fundamental to ensure fast and efficient operations during peak periods, especially for new employees.

Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology was another key decision factor. In noisy retail environments where the ‘beep’ is often not heard, cashiers need additional feedback and the ‘Green Spot’ is able to provide clear good read confirmation. This technology was especially useful for the new operators.

At last, the QuickScan reader is a small, lightweight device and its ergonomic design makes it comfortable for all-day use. This was beneficial for the employees who worked long hours during the tournament. Since a complete POS system was needed, POS Line and Vendit also installed EPSON printers and MASTER cash drawers inside the stores.

The Results

During the tournament, the QuickScan QD2100 reader ensured rapid transactions during the sales peaks in the intervals of the competition. Due to the improved productivity, customer wait time was reduced dramatically, which made for happy customers at the tournament!

To work in concert with the QuickScan reader, EPSON printers kept up with cash receipts and the exchange of cash was safely handled by the MASTER cash drawer. In summary, the ABN AMRO World Tennis tournament was a big success with the high sales of merchandise and not to mention a fantastic champion...Robin Söderling!


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