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Success Stories

Attendee Management System Using Bar Codes Improves Lead Generation - Datalogic

Atea Uses Datalogic’s Gryphon™ GM4100 Readers to Capture Attendee Information at Events, Improving Lead Generation


The Atea Group is the largest IT infrastructure company in Scandinavia and the Baltics as well as the third largest provider in Europe. Atea’s mission is to help organizations increase the benefits of IT by delivering products and services that simplify the management, operation and development of IT infrastructure. They also prepare organizations for emerging technologies.

As a valued Datalogic reseller, Atea Sverige AB regularly manages a series of events each year to educate its customers. In 2010, Atea held 19 events throughout Sweden, attended by 2,500 customers. The events include an exhibition of various product lines and a series of seminars held several times each day of the event.

The Challenge

The logistics involved in moving an event from city to city creates many challenges. One of these challenges is attendee management, which was relatively limited at Atea events. For instance, Atea only tracked the initial registration of seminars rather than actual attendance during the seminars, creating many discrepencies.

To improve this process, the company needed an automatic data capture solution that would allow them to quickly and accurately collect attendee information, including which seminars were attended and at what locations. Atea also required a better mechanism to follow-up on leads captured during the event.

“The challenge was to find an affordable, easy-to-use data capture solution. The solution had to give our company and suppliers the data we required regarding delegate attendance at events and seminars,” explained Charlotta Ljungdahl, Marketing Project Leader at Atea.

”The data capture solution would also be repeatedly packed and unpacked in many different locations, managed by different people each time. This demanded a ‘plug and play’ solution with a high level of utility and functionality.”

The Solution

Working in partnership with Barex Nordic AB, Atea developed an attendee management solution satisfying their event data requirements. The solution linked Datalogic’s Gryphon™ GM4100 cordless bar code readers to dedicated Windows PC laptop computers running Link*One software from Freefloat, an independent software provider.

During each event, laptop computers are assigned to a specific seminar room using a unique radio address. When new attendees enter the seminar, each person’s badge ID is scanned at the entrance and identified with attending that particular seminar. This system allows multiple seminars to occur simultaneously as the data captured by the Gryphon GM4100 readers is automatically transmitted to one centralized location.

A key part of the solution was configuring the Gryphon GM4100 readers to show text prompts on the reader’s display screen, including ‘Read City,’ ‘Read Visitor,’ and ‘Read Interest.’ Provided by Freefloat’s Link*One software, the text prompts guide the operators to capture the correct information during the event such as location, seminar ID, attendee ID, and the attendee’s interest level. The process is simply repeated after each seminar until the day’s end.

The Results

The new attendee management solution provides Atea with enhanced lead management capabilities. As attendees are scanned upon entry to a specific seminar, those who want to be contacted to receive additional information are scanned again at the exit. After all the seminars are completed, the data is retrieved from the individual laptop computers. The seminar data is cross referenced using a reporting tool to identify a delegate’s attended seminars and expressed desire to be contacted about specific products or services.

“Partnering with Datalogic and Barex Nordic AB solved our problem very well,” Ljungdahl stated.

The Gryphon GM4100 readers offer the right combination of value-added features such as a robust design and mobility provided by Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System™ radio with advanced networking capabilities. The reader’s display and 3-button keypad also enables constant operator interaction with the host system, providing the real-time communication required for delegate management.


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